Going Home


Heart on granite boulder, Horseneck Beach.

I haven’t written in a while. I could tell you that I’ve been kind of busy but the truth is, I kind of lost my way.

Then, The Trip. Out east, via the Catskills, to my beloved home state of Massachusetts. Three blissful days down New Bedford way, then up into northern New Hampshire. Across Lake Champlain to the heart of the Adirondacks then back to Michigan again, by way of Erie, PA.

A long trip. A good trip. I took some photographs, left some cares behind. Returned with a different mindset. Going home does that to a person. I live in Michigan now, but my heart is etched in granite on some rocky northeastern shore.


Horseneck Beach at the edge of Buzzard's Bay, Westport, MA

Horseneck Beach at the edge of Buzzard’s Bay, Westport, MA

Path to the beach at Skonticutt Neck

Path to the beach at Skonticutt Neck


Sunset on Skonticutt Neck.


View from the causeway by Skonticutt Neck.

Another beautiful  view, one of so many.

Heading into New Hampshire.

The White Mountains.

The White Mountains.

Just off the Kankamagus Highway, NH.

View from an abandoned train trestle in northern New Hampshire.

View from an abandoned train trestle in northern New Hampshire.

Magalloway River Road, NH.

Magalloway River Road, NH.

Buttermilk Falls, Long Lake, NY.

Buttermilk Falls, Long Lake, NY.


The Adirondacks, NY


11 thoughts on “Going Home

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the pix, Jen. I tried to capture the essence of it all, knowing it was going to have to last me for a while. I do so love it there.

      It’s been kind of crazy of late. I’m sorry I’ve been kind of off the radar. I am glad to be back, for sure.

      xoxo kk

  1. Beautiful! I’m glad you had a good trip, and were able to recenter and reconnect through your time away. Thank you for sharing the photos, Skonticutt Neck is now on my list of beaches I’d like to visit. Welcome back ❀ ❀

    • Thank you, Mrs Fringe, and you’re welcome. I should amend all my pix and references to that beautiful beach, it’s Sconticut, one t. EEK.

      Regardless, it’s one of our favorite places. In Fairhaven, Mass., home of Mike’s, my favorite restaurant of all time. We were there three days, ate at Mike’s twice. πŸ™‚

      I remember standing on that beach once in the winter, wind howling, snow flying and mr kk and I were blessed to see a harbor seal, out a ways, watching us watching him. He kept raising his head up to get a good look at us, probably thinking, What the hell are those crazy bastards doing on that beach in this weather, are they insane??

      Yeah, we were.

      xxp kk

      • Sconticut, got it. πŸ˜€ I can see why it would be one of your favorite places, stunning-peaceful and raw at the same time. I saw a sea lion once, washed up on a beach in Oregon, same type of powerful.

        Mikes. I’ll have to get up there one of these days and check it out. ❀

        • OMG, Mrs Fringe. Mike’s on Route 6. I ordered the same thing I always order: One boiled lobstah, one bowl chowdah, one salad w/ bleu cheese dressing. That is what I want, that is all I want.

          You talk about seeing that sea lion, I know what you mean. Still can’t believe mr kk and I were privy to that, at that place in that weather, so freezing out there, waves crashing against the shore and here’s this animal, this wild animal in that freezing water, at that moment we saw each other. . .

          We were both surprised, I think.

          I hope you get there some day.

          xo kk

      • you’re welcome kk! it’s pleasure to read your blog,I infact follow your blog n your blogposts are always positive n motivating πŸ™‚
        hope you’re having a good time at home,happy holidays πŸ™‚

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