Giving Thanks


Today is Thanksgiving and I am moved to express my gratitude.

To my family, so supportive, generous, thoughtful, and kind.

To my husband, whose love for me is unwavering. My first love, and only.

To my friends, so dear to me, who support me, guide me, shore me up. Who love me in spite of myself.

To those who have brushed by, or lingered a little while, leaving me grateful to have known them, however briefly.

To Absolute Write and the people I have come to know there. Words can not express my gratitude, which is ironic. . .


Yes, I am grateful today. Thinking of those who aren’t here anymore, whom I have known and loved, still love. My dad, grandparents, friends, my sweet Momma-Loo. But life goes on, and it should go on.

Life is a gift.

To those who have come before us, or who share time and space with us, who  journey with us or make our own way clear, who lift our spirits, challenge us, love us, ease our burdens, help us see. . .

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

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