In a fog. . .

Photo: James T M Towill, Wikimedia Commons

It’s nearly two p.m. I’ve been up since 5:30, went to sleep at 2 a.m. so not too much sleep last night. Needless to say, I’m kind of in a fog right now.

I should be doing something. Writing something. EFFIN’ ALBERT needs work, I’m waiting for final thingies from my last beta person but I’m sure there’s something I could be doing right now, tweaking or whatever. Doing this or that or whatnot.

I did do something relative to CHERRY, I emailed a publisher who’s had the full since . . . let’s just say, it’s been a while. Anyway, I emailed the guy and now I’m second-guessing that particular decision, probably should have thought about it some more.

Oh, well.

I pulled up Absolute Write, found a bunch of threads that seemed interesting and I nearly posted on three or four of those, let me look. The Basic Writing Questions forum had a thread started by a kid who needs to condense his writing, or so his teacher says. I had some good ideas to share but they kind of flew out the proverbial window. Then there was the thread about narrators always being in first person. The poster wondered why. Most of my novels fit that bill so I thought I could impart some woids of wisdom there.

Didn’t have any. Couldn’t find ’em in this fog.

I skipped–actually, I dragged my sorry ass 🙂 –over to Query Letter Hell. Some really good queries, ripe for imparting my vast knowledge (ha) relative to all things query. Wasn’t feeling it. Didn’t do it.

There you have it. kk is fogged out. This blog is evidence of that, if nothing else. Except, I could say to my readers, thank you for listening. And any time you want to chime in, feel free. I enjoy hearing from you. But if you have more important matters to attend to, I understand. Actually, that’s perfectly fine. I shall be here, regardless.

Kind of.


10 thoughts on “In a fog. . .

    • Maybe you’re right. Yeah.

      (How’s that for a pithy reply?)

      Perhaps the fog is a good thing. Maybe my little pea brain needs some down time. I shall ponder that, luciesmoker, right after I drink this cup of cold coffee.



  1. Love the photo 🙂

    Feeling kind of foggy over here myself. Or is that fogie? badumbum 😉

    Sometimes just floating for a bit is a good thing. Renew and recharge, you did a tremendous amount of work getting Effin’ Albert finished, and I know you’ll push just as hard once you begin your next draft.

    Sending you ((((hugs)))), peace, and, ummm, how about a hot cup of tea?


    • I’ll see your fogie and raise you two badumbums, mrs fringe. How are you right now? Better, I hope.

      Yep, I done worked hard. So yes, I shall accept your generous hugs and honey and lemon with mine, if you have it.

      xo kk


      • You’re in luck, I have honey AND fresh lemon.

        And hash browns with carrots and browned onions w/lots and lots of salt. 😀

        I’m well enough to have cooked dinner, but hoping for another reasonably early bedtime tonight.


        • We know how that went.


          Hopefully, you shall rest better tonight, mrs fringe. As for today, it might be tough but it’s Halloween so try to be good little ghoul, okay?



  2. I need to spend more time in QLH. Reading queries, working on my own, occasionally sharing one. I posted one once, and will eventually post another. I’m actually bad at posting on Absolute Write. I read there a lot, but don’t chatter all that much. Weird.

    Just try to ride the disconnect. You’ll find your way back through the fog ^^


    • The fog has lifted, Jen. I slept a solid six hours which is really good. Still waiting on that last beta report then I’m getting to work. . .

      As for you and QLH, tell you what. It helps to jump in there, crit other queries. Helps me, anyway. I see what other folks are doing right and wrong, see it objectively and that generalizes to my own writing, be it query, crit, or novel.

      For the longest time, I didn’t contribute to any forums, save QLH. I’ve been trying to do that more, get my feet wet more, slip out of that comfort zone more, prove to myself that I have something to contribute–if not of beauty, then, at least, of value.

      My ultimate writing dream. 🙂

      xo kk


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