Laughing Time is OVER


I just read my last post and I take it back.

Every time I think to myself, This is the last straw, Trump et al throw another blinded eye into the toxic, roiling cauldron that is 45’s presidency. Case in point? Today’s declaration that transgender people will be banned from serving in the military ‘in any capacity’ (

REALLY? Seriously, how much more can we take? Scratch that–how much more is this country willing to take? I actually thought this was the deal breaker:

Unbelievable, right? But nope. Remember this?

Or maybe, this?

Surely by now, our eyes have been opened to the reality of the situation: We’ve elected a pathological liar, a sick misogynist, an egomaniacal buffoon and, as a result, this country is under assault. Dangerous times, folks. We’re slipping ever closer to that place we never believed we could go.

Welcome to The UN-united Fascist States of America.

Alas, nothing that man does or says, or has done or has said,  has been unconscionable enough to be the deal-breaker here. Which means the American people have to take matters into their own hands now. I’m not suggesting violence (although I have imagined kicking that fucker square in the gold-plated, albeit tiny, Trump family jewels). No, what I’m suggesting (read: praying fervently for) is that we, the people–at least, those of us who still have a fucking brain in our heads and a g.d. mouth on our mugs–SPEAK UP. To our elected representatives. Our neighbors. Our families. That we pledge to STAND AGAINST and VOTE OUT those who still, even now, support that crazy fucker, his minions, and his policies. That we REMAIN VIGILANT and DO NOT STOP, unless or until that man is GONE, OUT, HISTORY.

Those CAPS reminds me of a joke. He’s in office. Our country is under siege. This ain’t funny no moh.



3 thoughts on “Laughing Time is OVER

  1. Herein lies the rub. People voted for the misogynistic, xenophobic, lying, greedy buffoon. They wanted this, and they aren’t all that unhappy with what he’s done thus far. Hell, of those who are unhappy, a significant percentage are unhappy because he hasn’t been authoritarian enough. Yes, those of us who have retained our humanity and would like to retain our democracy need to keep our voices raised. Unfortunately, I don’t think anything will change (i.e.: him getting the boot) until and unless the economy tanks. How ironic for the xenophobic nationalist–our economy has remained strong because it is global.


    • Money talks and bullshit walks. Some people are of the mind that, as long as a person is working and making dough, they basically get a free pass to say and do whatever the hell they want. Had Trump NOT been rich, had he not flaunted his wealth–never mind how he got it–he would never, ever have been elected. Those who supported him then and support him now are dazzled beyond reason.

      They don’t see what the rest of us see.

      Our economy is cyclical. Some say another recession is waiting on the wings and tell cautionary tales of skewed unemployment numbers and the ‘irrational exuberance’ of the stock market (e.g.: ). I never thought I’d be hoping for a recession. Desperate times, Mrs Fringe.

      As always, thanks for weighing in.

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