Ready . . . Set . . .



You’d best be, because it’s coming, no shit, so you’d better prepare yourselves. Do what you can, shimmy if you must, but batten down those hatches, get your shit together. In five short days, this country is going where no man has gone before.

In other words. . .

Pretty sure you catch my drift. This is going to be quite the trip, y’all. Not sure how many of you are rejoicing right now and how many are ripping your hair out (fwiw, I ascribe to the latter category); regardless, one thing is certain: This country is officially on shaky ground and what happens next to it, happens to us all. Whether you look forward to the next four years or dread the prospect, it’s coming. It’s happening. . .


. . .and it’s on my mind, for sure. Case in point: My dream last night. Short version: I lived with others on an island. We learned via radio that a tremendous tidal wave was heading right for us. There was nowhere to go. I sat on my haunches on the beach at sunset, looking out at the ocean.’Home Sweet Home’ was carved in the wet sand at my feet; words soon to be obliterated, as were we all.

So yeah, I’m concerned. A lot of folks are right now. But even though the Trump administration is barreling down, we have choices. We can rejoice or lament, bury our heads in the sand or resolve to meet this thing head on. No matter where we stand politically, it would behoove us to remain vigilant of the next administration. Our country is only as good as the rights and freedoms, safety and security of its citizens, so we need to keep our representatives on their toes and demand our voices are heard. We can get active. Become pro-active. Pick our battles wisely. Accept what we can’t change and have the courage to change what we can. . .



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