I See You

giphy bald mountain

I have sorely neglected this little blog of late, and for that I apologize. I could say that the holidays loom, and I have been busy. It’s true, but not the only reason.

Truth is, of late my mind has been on other things. This world we live in, for one. And many times since I last posted here, I’ve wanted rail against the insanity around us, the horror terrorists have wrought here and abroad…

But I don’t want to turn this blog into something it wasn’t meant to be. I want to remain true to its original intent and purpose, which was to help me and my fellow writers navigate this thing we call writing. For me, this blog has been both life raft and anchor, and I hope that holds true for you, too.

But today, I’m compelled to venture away from the process and challenges of writing, and write about something distressing that weighs heavily on my mind. That something is a man named Donald Trump, who could very well be president and thus, our undoing. Today, I’m trying to figure out why Donald Trump is so appealing to so many, and how so many people fail to see him for what he truly is.

I had a dream last night; a nightmare, really. I saw Trump as the evil being in Fantasia’s A Night on Bald Mountain, breeding Fear, Ignorance, and Hate, and feeding off the same. I saw a soul-sucking malevolence, whose solitary goal was to lead us straight to Hell, and whose path was strewn with crushed souls and the smoldering ashes of all that was right and decent and good.

Right now, we are a divided country standing at a crossroads. One path leads to our possible destruction; the other, toward a tentative salvation. There are those who are considering walking the former with Trump, and others who already stand firmly with him–who have found in him something lacking in their own lives. They’ve found their voices and are spilling the hateful rhetoric he espouses.

But most of us, I truly believe, are poised to walk a different path. We are shocked and sickened by the hate spewing from that man’s mouth and echoed by his followers. We need to open our eyes and our mouths. We need to speak out loudly and clearly against him and all he stands for. If we remain silent–if we do nothing–our complacency will surely be our undoing.

Look at the man. Hear his words. Then do what I was compelled to do this morning: google Hitler and the Holocaust; force yourself as I did, to look at the photos of what happened to millions of people in Europe, and could actually happen here. Read about the people who embraced Hitler and all he stood for, the people who committed truly unspeakable acts; and worse, read about the multitudes of decent, good people, who stood by and did nothing, allowing Hitler to do what he wanted, and what he did best: feed off and breed Fear, Ignorance, and Hate.

I see you, Trump. I know exactly what you are.

2 thoughts on “I See You

  1. I know many who are still mocking Trump, don’t see it as realistic that he could/would actually secure the Republican nomination, let alone the Presidency. I’m not laughing, not even snickering. Not because of the man himself or the outrageous and hateful things he says, but because he has so. many. supporters. He seems to have provided a voice and umm, legitimacy? to way too many people. So many that I’m beginning to think that a good chunk of his numbers are people who may have had these thoughts and beliefs in the past, but knew they shouldn’t air them because they knew these were racist, hateful beliefs. I’m also appalled every time I hear someone say they think he’s a good idea because businessman. Yeah, a businessman who declared bankruptcy multiple times because it was best for his pockets and bank accounts. A man who sees nothing wrong with airing sexist, perverse thoughts regarding his own daughter.
    He doesn’t merely slant the statistics, he out and out lies–and then he gets caught out–and still, his supporters don’t care. 😦


    • Thank you for weighing in, mrs fringe. I believe you are correct: Trump’s hate-mongering, reflected by his utter disdain for those who are not rich, white, male, able-bodied, straight–has slid beyond his own warped world into ours, and those who’ve harbored similar views now feel it’s okay to say what they’ve been thinking.

      How can some of us be so calloused toward fellow human beings? Especially now, when we see what hate, mistrust, and fear can do–have done–to innocents around the world? What of liberty and justice for all? In Trump’s world, those concepts don’t exist.

      So like I said, those of us who see Trump for what he desires and what he represents must speak out against him, and keep speaking out, and call out the man for what he is: a deluded megalomaniac, a despicable human being, a liar, whose platform is Hate, whose goal is divisiveness, and whose interests are blatantly and abhorrently self-serving.


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