Ship of Fools

Hieronymus_Bosch_-_The_Ship_of_Fools_-_WGA2553So I’m in line at the local Salvation Army resale shop, eight disgruntled people ahead of me and three behind–all white–complaining about the wait; more specifically, the harried cashier, who happens to be black.

Black, as in “one of those people.”

I bite my tongue, telling myself the idiots have a right to say what they want to say, free speech and all that. But within a minute, they’re verbally bashing other people they hate. Specifically, “those rag head Arabs.”

“Just wait,” one says. “When Donald Trump’s elected, those people aren’t going to know what hit ’em!”

“Yeah,” another says, “He’s belligerent, but he’s honest. Just wait, when Trump’s president, you watch how fast things change around here. Everybody’s going to have to speak English.”

“I know,” says the third, “You can’t tell what them Arabs are saying and you watch, all those rag head gas stations are going to close. They sell us their oil, then buy it from us, then sell it to us again like we’re morons or something!”

“You watch,” says one. “Dearborn’s gonna shut. They should never have let all them Arabs in there. Just wait–Trump’s gonna make it go back to the way it was when Hubbard was in office. . .”


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the demographic: Dearborn, Michigan is home to over 30,000 Arab-Americans. From 1942 to 1978, Orville Hubbard was mayor of Dearborn.He was also a blatant racist. This, from Orville L. Hubbard – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Dearborn in the Orville Hubbard years became known nationally as a symbol of racial segregation. Hubbard’s longstanding campaign to “Keep Dearborn Clean” was widely understood as a thinly veiled campaign to keep Dearborn white.

Hubbard became the most famous segregationist north of the Mason-Dixon line, and when he left office in 1978, only 20 African-Americans lived in Dearborn—a city with a population of 90,000.

For many years, Hubbard was unabashed in his comments about segregation. He once told a reporter from the Montgomery Advertiser: “They can’t get in here. We watch it. Every time we hear of a Negro moving–for instance, we had one last year–in we respond quicker than you do to a fire. That’s generally known. It’s known among our own people and it’s known among the Negroes here.”


I lean against my cart, thinking to myself: This is Germany. 1934. Hitler preaching hate and fear to the mindless masses: WE deserve to be here, not them; it’s THOSE people who are fucking up this country; THOSE evil, dirty people who are infringing on OUR RIGHTS, taking OUR jobs; we need THOSE EVIL, DIRTY PEOPLE goneERADICATE THOSE PEOPLE. . .

I can’t stay silent. I can’t do it. Somebody  has to be the voice of reason. Somebody has to stand up to the insanity, burn those bridges before they get crossed because we are treading in dangerous waters here, folks. Keep our minds and mouths shut long enough, listen to Trump’s utter garbage long enough, we’re going to find ourselves drowning in a sea of utter ruin; our country destroyed at the hands of a trash-talking, fear-mongering, megalo-fucking-maniac.

And nobody to blame but ourselves.


6 thoughts on “Ship of Fools

  1. I’m sickened by the amount of supporters he has. Yes, there will always be a number of fearful, hateful bigots, but their “leader” shouldn’t be seen as a viable option for POTUS. Nuts. This is nuts.


  2. It is, Mrs Fringe.

    But there is a bright side, or so says mr kk. The election is a year away, which means Donald Fucking Trump has one more year to cram his foot in that mean little mouth, and the American public has one more year to yank our stupid heads out of our misguided asses.

    I’m hanging onto that. I have to. I have to believe that people are going to come to their senses because if they don’t, I’m afraid for this country. I really fucking am.

    Thank you for weighing in, mrs fringe. One more voice of reason, speaking up.

    xoxo kk


      • I used to think that he didn’t have a chance. Not mr kk, though. He’s a history buff, so he knows this earth of ours has seen some horrible, crazy, etc. etc. leaders, for a myriad of reasons–not the least of which are fear and apathy. The guy has a chance, all right, but we still have a year to come to our senses.

        Crossing various appendages as we speak.

        xoxo kk

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  3. This is a very sobering post to read. Honestly, sometimes I hear things that make me lose hope in humanity. Few weeks ago Mr. Cow and I were discussing #blacklivesmatter and someone jumped in and said, “It’s good what those cops are doing! They are killing all the black people and making America clean!” I wish I’d punched him in the face then, but I was so shocked I kinda just stood there gaping like a moron.


    • The udder audacity of that man.


      Don’t berate yourself, little cow. Some things I hear people say are so out there, I can’t find the words to counter . . . Like Trump. He speaks and I’m literally sitting there, gaping at him on the tv screen, at a loss for words.

      And don’t lose hope, cowomnon. Kind, bright, empathetic people are still in the vast majority, which is why, when you hear some idiot spouting hatred, it makes news. Stick an ugly, oozing pimple on an otherwise beautiful face, you know what’ll get more attention.

      xoxo kk


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