Welcome to Texas, y’all!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy better half and I just got back from a crazy, two week, 4000-mile trip from Michigan to Texas and back again. Crazy, because all kinds of wonderful stuff happened; fodder for another blog post. Today, I’ll take you down memory lane.

But only if you want to go.


April is the time to go to Texas and even so, mr. kk and I sweated our royal hinies off in Kingsville, which is just south of Corpus Christi. Holy crap, it was hot and humid. But green, they’ve had one of the wettest springs in memory.


We stayed a couple of days with my aunt and uncle, retirees now but back in the day, they ran one of the most well-respected oil well service companies in the south. Now they’re enjoying the fruits of their labors. My uncle is a big game hunter, he has a trophy room that would knock your socks off, a beautiful home, and ranch land replete with long horns and their darling calves, to wit:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe had a great time at their house, then mosey’d on down to South Padre Island. Drove right onto the beach and set up our zero-gravity chairs, cracked open a couple of brews and lit a fine cigar.


Now I know what Heaven on Earth feels like.


Our next destination was the Natchez Trace Parkway, a 444-mile ribbon of unbelievable beauty. No trucks. Barely any cars. We hopped on in Mississippi, about 90 miles into the Trace and drove all the way to the end, just south of Nashville. Took two days, and savored every single moment. If you ever have a chance to drive the Trace, do it. I promise, you won’t be sorry.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

That little culvert ran down to the mighty Mississippi. We stopped to take a photograph, then hopped on the Trace just outside Vicksburg.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the highlights of our trip was walking the boardwalk built over this cypress swamp. It was magical, no other word for it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe drove the original Trace for a mile or so. One way, no going back. . .


Then we hit the open road again, stopped at a roadside antique shop in Tennessee. . .OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
And on we went, making tracks through Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and finally, Michigan. . .

It was a great trip. A crazy-ass trip. An unforgettable trip. Back home in Michigan now, but every so often I find my mind drifting down Texas way. . .

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Texas, y’all!

  1. DANG! I wanted to comment on your pictures. oh well, I will anyway.

    WTF! It’s a lambcow! ooh, hey, it’s the kkminivan! kewl swamp even kewler swamp eerie Lord of Rings-y pretty spring green leaves on that foresty road hey!hey! did you see those two picker guys from the History Channel?? They should totally go there. love those roads over rolling hills…so Kentucky-ish bleh, back to civilization…ooooh, kewl shoe!

    Looks like an AWESOME trip, kk, made even better by your magical surprise news along the way. A two-week getaway you’ll never, ever forget.


    • Elaine!!! You are so funny. We were thinking about those picker guys, especially because one night at a hotel we tuned in to an American Pickers marathon. I swear, we watched that show until after midnight!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. It really was an amazing trip and you are right, Elaine, it was one for the record books and we will never, ever forget it.

      xoxo kk


  2. Oh, it sounds like just a perfect roadtrip! For me, beaches are heaven on Earth, though I’ve never been to Texas other than a layover in Dallas-Fort Worth airport (or a lot of that chunk of the country, actually, other than to flyover).

    I love all your pictures, as always, and had never heard of the Trace so that’s going into the mindbank.


    • Jen, I had never heard of it either. Turns out, it was on mr kk’s bucket list to take that road, he’s a history buff and knew all about it. Travelling on the original Trace, on a rise between two steep valleys, imagining how it was back when that was how tribes and traders, animals and wagons got from A to B, it couldn’t have been easy. But it was lovely. Gives you a whole new mindset, makes you appreciate what you have, and how easy you have it. At least, it does that to me.

      I’m glad you like the photographs. One day, maybe you’ll find yourself driving through Texas. There’s a lot of land, huge ranches. It can get really, really hot and dry. Driving through Houston is insane. We’ve never been there in Spring, so I never saw flowering cacti before, not in real life. Just so pretty. Skeeters were fierce and I sweated like a pig, not too becoming but hey.

      And South Padre Island is absolute heaven. I hope you go some day, Jen.

      xoxo Karen


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