7 thoughts on “EFFIN’ ALBERT: excerpt deleted.

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  2. When I pick up a new book I turn to a random page in the middle to get a sense of the writing. First pages/chapters are always worked over to suck you in. It’s the body of the story that really matters. This sounds great – lots of voice and interesting characters. I’d start over at the beginning 🙂


    • bb, first of all, hi again! Always good to see your sweet avatar.


      I agree with your assessment strategy. I tend to do that, too–flip to a random page, see if I’m drawn in by the writing, story, characters. If so, I’ll flip to the first page, then to the back cover to find out what the story’s about.

      I’m glad you found my little excerpt interesting. Now, if only an agent. . .

      Which reminds me, time to get back to querying ALBERT. Thanks for stopping by and reading, blair b. Much appreciated.

      xo kk


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