The Evil That Men Do

NOTE: As with the post from 11/24/2015 (‘Beware the Jabberwock’), I am editing content of this post because it serves no purpose, save inciting further violence. I tried to explain my reasoning in today’s post, ‘The Day After’.
-kk 11/25/2015

Attribution: Marcel Oosterwijk

Attribution: Marcel Oosterwijk

“You can say a man was put in a cage and he was set on fire and he was burned alive.   That is horrific, hideous, and completely explained what happened,” [Tony] Maddox told CNN Today. “So you don’t need to show the video in order to explain that or any part of the narrative.”

I didn’t want to see but I watched anyway, until I couldn’t watch anymore. Then I covered my eyes and cried. This post isn’t about whether or not Fox News should have posted that video. It’s about the horrific death of a man at the hands of other men. It’s about cruelty exacted on another human being without mercy. It’s about a heinous act that went far beyond the pale. It’s about evil men who hide behind masks and hoods and rhetoric, inflicting pain and terror in the name of their god or their country or their beliefs. The horror of that man’s last moments is indelibly marked in my mind. I can’t fathom what he was thinking, the pain he suffered, the torture he endured. I can’t imagine it, nor bear it, nor forget it, nor forgive it.



10 thoughts on “The Evil That Men Do

  1. You got it right. I watched it until they dumped the load of concrete rubble on his remains. It left me with a remarkably calm smoldering rage at them, and our administration that won’t even admit they are evil, that al-Qaeda is a terrorist organization, or that Ft. Hood was a terrorist act. I’m a Vet. I love my country. I am nauseated by what our president and his inner circle of sycophants have done to it. King Abdulla II of Jordon gets it. Netanyahu gets it but Obama and Biden won’t even meet with him.


    • frwillia, I get your anger, but I don’t know enough about the politics of this crisis to comment on your statements as they relate to the current administration. I do wonder how much our policies rest on foreign oil and other ‘interests’, when weighed against what is fair and just. I suspect the Obama administration isn’t the first when it comes to treading lightly.

      Regardless of political intent, I have to believe that Mr. Obama, et al were horrified to witness that atrocity. What he, Biden, Congress, and governments from around the world do in response, remains to be seen. The murder of the pilot is an abomination. The horrific manner in which he was murdered is unconscionable. They burned him alive, and shoved it in our faces.

      But he isn’t the first, nor the only, nor even the worst and that’s a commentary on the human race, which is, without a doubt, capable of the worst cruelties. . .

      But also the greatest kindnesses. I shall try to remember that.

      As much as I want those ISIS fuckers stopped right now, I know it won’t be easy. Step on a cockroach and even as you relish the crunch beneath your foot, a hundred cockroaches lurk in the shadows, waiting to take its place. Do nothing and they’ll multiply; ergo, you must act to eradicate them, swiftly and decisively. I hope those who can, will do whatever it takes to stop ISIS. Not just discuss it, DO it. We need to come together as one: a thousand voices rising as one, and the word we need to speak is ENOUGH.

      Thank you for weighing in, frwillia. And thank you for your service to this country.


  2. I don’t watch those things. But I also don’t understand how governments/military powers can go on thinking people like that can be negotiated with. They can’t. Because we can’t give them what they want. Not unless we all withdraw to the moon, or similar bullshit. It just makes me heartsick, the people who get caught up in it, who are either bystanders or who genuinely want to do the right thing. And it makes me sick that men and women are raised with such venom and hatred running through their veins, and every breath, to make violence and acts like that commonplace, and almost unsurprising. Of course ISIS is going to do terrible shit. Literally nothing they can do is anything but. And in a way, I hate them, for making such acts something regulalr in the news, that one becomes “accustomed” to.


    • Forgive the delay in my reply to you, Jen D.

      I know what you mean. There are a lot of misguided people in the world. But for every one who embraces the hate, a hundred-fold are kind and good. I have to believe that.

      My fear with ISIS, and groups like it, is that they’re uncentralized. Destroy one small faction, seems like ten more pop up. Sometimes it feels like we’re playing Whack-a-Mole with those fuckers. But as ISIS escalates atrocious acts in number and manner, they’re turning more and more countries against themselves.

      Which means there’s still hope for us, Jen.

      xo kk


  3. If you were to google “x,y, z burned alive” so many things come up from around the world. You’re right, it truly is the evil that men do. As for Maddox’s statement, some people are naturally less conscientious than others and simply won’t be as affected by seeing such things, but when you consider how you feel when you watch it compared to having read it…it really hits home just exactly what is happening.

    Words in an article rarely express the fear and agony of someone being tortured. Seeing it makes you give a crap. Seeing it makes you care more. Seeing it does make you want to do something to help those who are suffering, and I’m not just referring to what ISIS do, but to the evil that men do.


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