The End.

Attribution: Dysprosia

Attribution: Dysprosia

Add an ‘oh’ before that, and you will know how I referred to my novel, CHERRY, a novel I thought was finished months ago, but which, to my dismay, was anything but.

CHERRY may very well be done. When I say ‘done’, I mean done as in ‘complete’, rather than done as in, you know, ‘history’.

Or ‘toast’.

After slaving over–scratch that–diligently revising my beloved novel, I do believe I may have stumbled upon–scratch that–written and/or rewritten an ending to my novel that may actually, you know, *work*. Work, as in, appease the ‘powers that be’, which, in my case, is referent to a certain literary agent who was kind enough to offer me the chance to revise and resubmit my novel. She took issue with a couple of chapters, and didn’t like the ending, as is. So, I added a chapter close to the end, and revised two other chapters significantly. And added to the actual last chapter. And I revised other chapters. Basically, I rewrote, cut, moved, did all manner of hacking, slashing, and tweaking in order to whip that bad boy into shape, and I think I finally did it.

That last chapter was the toughest. I labored over that sucker for the better part of a week. I can’t tell you how many times I wrote, and subsequently trashed, passages from that chapter. As late as yesterday evening, I wrote a passage I thought would pass muster, and proceeded to delete it. That was at eleven last night. But today. . . today may very well be the day I finished what I started. Referring to the R&R now, that means it took me about 2-1/2 months to revise my book. If referring to when I actually started writing CHERRY, you can change ‘months’ to ‘years’. OMG, that is some scary shit.

I have to consider CHERRY done right now. If I don’t, it never will be. Having said that, there are a couple of places I’m still uncertain about. I even considered cutting a complete chapter out, just today. But for now, I’ll leave it. Wait and see what the powers that be think; which, now that I think about it, includes those two editors who requested the full way back when, but never read it. They shall be seeing CHERRY fresh. Fresh as a damn daisy, bright and shiny and full of promise. A lovely little thing, so purdy. My baby, I declare you done. Finished. FIN, baby. Spread your wings and fly, my little dove. In other words, GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE.

Before I change my mind.

8 thoughts on “The End.

  1. Congratulations, kk!!!!! *confetti!* sounds like you’ve polished that baby up to perfection! I will be keeping mah hooves crossed for you!


    • cowomnom, how nice of you to stop by and tell me that. I am wishing and hoping. What comes of it, I do not know. Don’t even want to hazard a guess. I shall wait and see but meanwhile, <3. Those little crossed hooves might just put me over the top.




  2. AWESOME! I’m so glad.

    I hope everybody (or enough of the right somebodies) receive CHERRY with open eyes and arms and wallets 😉 I’m rootin’ for you, and your lovely fucked up little novel.


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