First words.

new year girlsWelcome to 2015, new year, new chances, new beginnings, new. . .

Oh hell with it. I’m sick. I need a nap. I have been sick since the day after Christmas, when I woke up to a really sore throat and swollen glands. Then it got in my head and my chest, oy. No fever, that’s what I keep saying. Plus, my appetite’s decent, all of which means I ain’t really that sick, right? Plus I had a pneumonia vaccine thingie less than five years ago so I’m good, doing well, gonna get better pretty soon, dammit.

I have been out of this house exactly twice in nine days. I am going batshit. Okay, maybe that’s overstating things. I took all the Christmas stuff down yesterday and put my little kitty figurines back in the curio cabinet today. God, I have a ton of little kitties, I kid you not, I must have hundreds. Literally. My most valuable one is a Beswick/Royal Dalton Cheshire Cat, bought in England back in 1976, I think it was. I bought it for 20+ pounds back then, I had no idea how much that was. Or maybe it was 7 pounds. Who cares? I don’t know how much I spent but it’s worth a few bucks now.

My favorite cat is a porcelain ‘You’re an Angel’ kitty, replete with wings, bought for me by mr kk, back when he was my boyfriend. Back in 1977, I remember. I was in the hospital after emergency surgery for a ruptured ovarian cyst. He came to visit and brought me that cat. He’d found it in the hospital gift shop. I love it because if you knew mr kk like I do, you’d realize how significant buying that thing for me was. Mr kk is not what you’d call a ‘giftie-type’ person. And he’s definitely not a cat person, or a pet person. Mr kk grew up on a farm with a slew of brothers and sisters, a working farm where words like ‘slaughter’ were tossed around like headless chickens, where dead horses were buried behind the barn and picket fences weren’t quaint, they were a royal effing PIA–upkeep and all that.

Anyway. So. Oh, before I forget, one day I’ll post some pix of some of my kitties around this pop stand. Not only do they fill the standing curio cabinet, but I have a smaller wall-mounted one and a smaller one yet. Cats everywhere. Cats and a smattering of angels. And greenery. Antique stuff, old crap. Old books, furniture, little knick-knacky stuff. It’s an eclectic environment, but nice. Small but cute. Maybe one day I’ll walk around and take some pix of this and that. Things I especially like.

This is a meandering post. I apologize. I blame it on my weakened state, which I am also blaming for my lack of work on CHERRY. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been working that thing on and off since Christmas. Trouble is, everything I’ve revised in the last nine days needs revising again because frankly, everything I wrote in the last nine days sucks big time. I mean it, I’m not just saying that to elicit sympathy, it is bad. No cohesion there, marked lack of voice, poorly written. Just crap. Corn kernel crap, believe it. But today I am feeling a mite better, a bit more alert maybe. A little sharper than I’ve been feeling these last nine days, these last nine loooooooooong days, Lord have mercy I am tired just thinking about it. Maybe if I took a little nap I’d, you know. . .


8 thoughts on “First words.

    • Thank you, ahhsioux. Oh man, you were sick for two weeks? Poor thing. Okay, engage brain, do math. So, Day 9 so 14 – 9 = 5 days to go. Iffin’ I live that long.




  1. Good to hear from you, even when meandering! I need to get back in the blog saddle myself.

    I have lots of little glass things, some cats included but a variety, though they’re all packed in boxes still. I have to do crazy things like clean/organize my house and get shelves (probably for my office)!


    • That’s crazy talk, Jen.


      Jen, you sweetheart, thank you for reading my meandering blog thingie. I was feeling antsy, I tried to work on Cherry and jeez, just not happening again today and I was feeling like a worthless turd, writing-wise.

      Actually, not just writing-wise. Now it’s getting dark and what have I accomplished, aside from putting a thousand little kitty cats back where they belong? Oh, and I washed dishes, made two salads, helped make the bed.

      Got dressed, that was a biggie. . .

      Did I say you were a sweetheart, and that I really appreciate you stopping by to slog through that hot mess of a blog post?

      xoxo kk


  2. What I love about your blog, kk, is that you write every week. You’re my role model in that — haven’t posted a thing myself in months!

    Hope you feel better soon. And, as a cat lover, aren’t cats and angels the same thing? (Well, most of the time, anyway.)

    Best wishes for the new year,
    donna gough


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