Attribution: Leslie Seaton

Attribution: Leslie Seaton

This little bird seems perplexed. Something is going on, it seems.

But what?

Coincidently, our own author kkellie recently found herself in a similar situation. . .

It started last night. After an evening of pleasant frolic, kkellie pulled on her jammies, crawled into bed, opened her laptop to check her emails, and was immediately flooded with trepidation. A literary agent she’d queried just last week had responded. Could it be? Dare she hope?

She held her breath, clicked open the email and felt the hopeful wind slide from her sails. In part, the agent wrote:

Because of the number of submissions our agency receives, we often are not able to take on clients who merit publication.  While we believe that your ideas might have market appeal, we are not convinced that we could represent it successfully at this time.

The query had been for EFFIN’ ALBERT. This blog has followed kkellie’s trails and tribulations relative to that challenging little novel. No doubt, kkellie has faith in the story, but the query? Not so much. She’s yet to receive a nibble, not that she hasn’t worked it; hell, she and the squirrels over at AW’s Query Letter Hell beat that thing half-to-death. When the query was finally declared ‘whipped into shape,’ kkellie sent it forth to literary agents, with high hopes.

But, as I said, nary a nibble. So, kkellie did what all savvy writers do when their queries don’t get nibbles:

She got shit-faced.


Actually, she took action, deconstructing the thing yet again, putting it back together five different ways; smartly sending out small batches of each version. Alas .

Meanwhile, there was CHERRY. Our girl had been luckier there. A few agents and editors have the full and that’s fine (she reasoned), she knows these things take time.

Thing is, when you’re querying two projects, rejections fly at you from both fronts. Even so, kkellie’s not new to rejections anymore. You’d think she’d used to rejections but last night, that rejection–

She felt like she’d been punched in the gut.

Fast forward to today. Our girl has been thinking about it all day and she suspects she might understand why she suffered such a visceral response last night.

You may recall a recent post in which kkellie mentioned nudging a certain editor who’s had the full for CHERRY for a while. So far, no answer from The Guy. But The Guy is busy, kkellie knows The Guy is busy, of course he’s busy and she should be grateful he’s considering her novel at all.

She’s grateful, of course she is. And she’s keenly aware that her chances with any publisher, let alone that publisher, are slim at best. In fact, kkellie has cautioned herself more times than she can count not to put all of her emotional eggs in one basket but secretly, our little authoress was hoping that this publisher, this novel. . .

You want to know the truth?

kkellie hasn’t heard back yet and the silence is deafening and at the same time, last night’s rejection assaulted her senses like a cacophony of despairing voices; a rejection with the weight of a thousand rejections behind it, sounding words no writer wants to hear–

We’re sorry to report that your project is not a good fit–

Sorry for not being more enthusiastic–

I’m sorry to say–


Yeah, she knows.

6 thoughts on “Sorry.

  1. Oh ugh, that’s one of those rejections. Like, you couldn’t even TRY, guys? You thought it had MERIT! It would’ve been okay if you were a couple writers short of a stable? Sheesh.

    No wonder you got shitfaced. Godspeed.


    • 🙂

      Actually, though. . .

      I didn’t do the shit-faced thingie. I did the curl-up-into-a-ball thingie, and then I wrote this post.

      I thought I needed to figure stuff out. But maybe what I needed was a little bit of solace.

      Thank you, Jen. ❤


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