A River Runs Through It

800px-StateLibQld_1_115568_View_of_flooded_street_at_Breakfast_Creek,_Brisbane,_1890Monday afternoon, the skies opened up and dropped six inches of rain on the Detroit area in less than three hours. Unbelievable. It rained and rained and kept on raining. Hard, like a tropical downpour. My little street, Austin Avenue, was a river. Current and everything.

No flooded basement for us. On the wall behind the washing machine, a bit of paint flicked off the cement. The wall there was damp but that was it. We were very, very lucky.

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment in Dearborn. Didn’t make it, every time I tried to go west, the street was flooded. I’m talking feet-deep floods, cars abandoned, water up to the doors. I had to cancel an appointment today, too–areas of freeways I needed to travel are still under water: I-94, I-75, the Southfield Freeway.

I went on a recon mission this morning, turned on the radio and heard that some areas in New York got 13 inches of rain yesterday. Here, the sun was shining, but everywhere I looked, heartbreak: televisions and couches and rolled-up carpet stacked on curbs, bags and bags of sodden, ruined memories. Too many people sitting on porches, looking lost.They say this was a once-in-a-lifetime event.

We can only hope.

4 thoughts on “A River Runs Through It

  1. I heard about a Detroit interchange that was under 12 feet of water! It’s been raining here all summer, but we haven’t had any flooding in town /knock wood, though a bridge on a nearby back road is apparently out/closed right now. We had a bad one in 2006, which washed out portions of highways, etc. Scary stuff, just from rain.


    • Yeah, Jen. Unreal. You don’t think stuff like happens but it does. The crazy thing is, it was so quick. A couple of hours and everything is turned upside-down. I heard manhole covers were blown off, water shooting up like geysers because it had nowhere to go.

      I hope Mother Nature takes a little holiday. A lot of people could use it. You take good care, Jen.

      xo kk


  2. Oh, these occasional reminders that no matter how advanced and tech dependent we become, Mother Nature wins. I’m glad you’re safe, and am sending good thoughts for all in your area. ❤


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