This past weekend, I took a break from querying and all that good stuff. Instead, I spent time with my three sisters.

My oldest sister travels a lot. She had a ton of points, got the 3-room suite for nothing. We all brought munchies and drinks and gifties from Christmas: stocking stuffers we’d bought for each other and never had a chance to open. That was a hoot: August, and we’re unwrapping old Santa chocolates and broken candy canes, Burt’s Bees lip stuff and Tide pods, reindeer sox and turkey Spam.

I brought the laptop and we spent an hour howling over stupid YouTube videos. When my youngest sister walked out of the bathroom wearing a paper facial moisturizing masque we nearly died, then really lost it when we found out she’d brought one for all of us. We took selfies and sent them to our mom. We were going to order pizza but never did; instead, we stuffed ourselves with cashews and cherries and chips and salami sticks. I drank two cups of coffee and was still wired at five a.m., we all were. Everything was hilarious by then, we couldn’t stop laughing, didn’t want to. We finally crashed at 5:30 and woke two hours later. Enjoyed a late breakfast, hit the spa one more time, limped home around one. The rest of the day was a sweet blur.

I needed that, you know it? Needed to let stuff go, remember what’s really important in life. I took a little break from life, reconnected with my three best friends.

Everyone should be so lucky.

6 thoughts on “Sisters

    • Evelyn, I’m glad. I shall endeavor to write more posts like this one. It made me happy, too. Thank you for visiting my little blog. I hope you do stop in again.

      ❤ kk


  1. That sounds amazing!

    I’ve only just discovered my sisters…or rather, they only just discovered me (it is an odd story….) and maybe one day we’ll have that kind of a good time together ^^


    • It was hilarious. The whole night was. It’s tough for us to get together, I’m glad we make the effort. Oh, plus I got birthday gifties from June: a little antique ceramic kitty from Germany, a book about antiques, a gold pin, towels. . .

      I came home with nifty stuff and great memories. Can’t beat that with a stick.


      xo kk


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