A little birthday trip. . .

Ever been to the tip of the thumb? It’s one of my favorite places so, for my birthday, mr kkellie took me on a little trip. Destination: Caseville, Michigan with a little side trip to the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge. http://www.fws.gov/refuge/shiawassee/

We hopped off I-94 just west of Ann Arbor and headed north into the sticks.


Stopped on a one lane bridge to look at the creek. . .


It was so quiet. I felt like nobody was on the road but us. Out in the middle of nowhere, the old Nazarene Church, circa ?


We kept to country roads all the way to the refuge–dirt to gravel. The auto route is about 6.5 miles, one way.


We had all day so we took our time, stopping often to breathe it in, enjoy the view. . .


Speed limit, 15 mph. We drove slower. Good thing.


Natural beauty in branches and roots. . .


The marsh was lovely. Perfect.


We left the refuge and headed north to a place called Fish Point, on Saginaw Bay. Took a little road until it stopped, got out and walked the bumpy path a bit.


I changed this next photograph, removed the color. Beautiful, even in death. . .


We headed west then, away from the water and into country again, wind farms  everywhere we looked. We didn’t mind.


We stopped so I could take a photograph of this boarded-up hotel; old gas pump in front. . .

????????????????????????Sign of times. . .?????????????????

We arrived at our little motel around five. Mr kkellie headed out to get us something to eat, came back with chicken, potato salad, and mac and cheese. He forgot the forks so we ate with our fingers. That was kind of fun. 🙂 That evening, we headed down to the little beach to watch the sunset over Lake Huron. . .

??????????Almost gone. . .???????????????????

The fish flies were hatching. I caught one against the evening sky. . .ethereal.


The next day, we headed west a way, then south on country roads toward home. . .


Driving through a small town, we hit a snowstorm of cottonwood seeds. . .


Cottonwood drifts everywhere.


And then, before the freeway, one last magical moment. . .


Happy Birthday, everybody.


8 thoughts on “A little birthday trip. . .

  1. Really beautiful photos, kk. Sounds like you and mr. kk had an absolutely lovely overnight escape. I did a driving trip around the Great Lakes once when I lived in Illinois ages ago. Still remember how magical the evenings were in places, so quiet, like time stood still. Thank you for sharing! –Donna Gough


    • You’re right. Like time stands still. I love being in nature, it makes me happy.

      By the way, you’re very welcome, Donna. Glad you enjoyed my little birthday trip.

      xo kk


    • Thank you, Jen! In Michigan’s thumb area, wind farms are everywhere, for real. We must have seen a good 200 turbines. Maybe more. We stopped the van near one built close to the road, shut everything off, listened for that low-pitched whoosh-whoosh-whoosh, barely audible. Now compare that to Detroit, as seen from I-75 via the Rouge River Bridge. Look down from that bridge, all you see is a massive industrial complex leaking acrid smoke, the landscape lost to smokestacks and burn off pipes, iron and steel. The turbine stands white against a blue sky, its small footprint barely making a dip in the rows of new corn. The air smells sweet. In Detroit beneath that bridge, not so much.

      What are we thinking? We have free energy available to us: wind and sun. Don’t get me started. . .

      Anyhoo, I’m glad you enjoyed the pix, Jen.

      ❤ kk


  2. I’m glad you like them, mrs fringe. I thought of you, I told you that. Trying to capture the essence, like you do so well. My b-day really was happy. Thank you. ❤

    xoxo kk


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