Bless this mess

I’m da woist.

This writer is like the worst ever keeper of notes relative to queries sent and all that good stuff. CHERRY and EFFIN’ ALBERT pages stapled together, notes jotted all over the damn place.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI need is a system, some sort of database to track of all the nos, coffee-stained or otherwise. . .



But I’m a luddite. So I catalogue the ups and downs in my own imperfect way, the maybes and almosts and no thank yous. . .



The possibilities. . .


12 thoughts on “Bless this mess

  1. Umm, I hate to agree, but I agree. You need a better system. I also use a luddite query system. One composition notebook for each mss, notes on the mss itself in the first half, second half for querying. I use a header across the top of each page, ruler lines drawn down btw each note Agent/Agency l What Subbed l Date Subbed l Response (includes date of response, form or no, etc)

    Each entry has 4 or 5 lines allotted before the next.

    • Sad?? Now that you mention it, I do seem to have drawn a preponderance those crying frownie thingies. What’s with that, huh? Maybe I shouldn’t look at rejections whilst sobbing. . .


  2. Bahahaha! How adorbs! Heh, hey, at least you keep track! I only bothered jotting down the ones who requested the MS (on a post-it, no less!) As a result, no clue how many I queried exactly. Hur hur.

    • Oh man, Putputt, you crazy thing. But not knowing how many you queried might be a good thing. . . anyhoo, it’s moot for you, kiddo. Which makes me really, really happy.

      xoxo kk

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