Rarin’ to go. . .

Attrib.: Dennis Jarvis

Attrib.: Dennis Jarvis

See that guy? That was me bright and early today, just had my second cuppa joe and I was–

No, that wasn’t me. The minute I dragged my eyelids open at three a.m. this morning, they started shutting and I started losing steam. By four a.m. I was plum tuckered out. By six, I was seriously contemplating a return to jammies and a big ol’ cup of decaffeinated tea.

That was the other guy, the guy who wasn’t up at three a.m. this morning. Look how alert he is, anticipating the day. That pointy Power Hat is a dead giveaway but hey, Momma don’t need no stinkin’ Power Hat thingie to get her going. Four hours sleep and I can rally with the best of ’em–


Mmmm, maybe not.

Truth is, I’m tired, peeps. Running on fumes right now. My arms and legs feel like waterlogged stumps and my gumption’s just about gumped and yet, I did intend to accomplish some really important stuff today: queries and critiques and stuff like that and I know if you just give me a minute here, I . . . I . . .

Attrib.: Beth Underwood

Attrib.: Beth Underwood




6 thoughts on “Rarin’ to go. . .

    • I was, Mrs Fringe and you know how much I enjoyed that coffee. Amazing what a little sleep can do for a body. Thank you for waiting patiently whilst I caught up on my beauty sleep.


      xo kk


    • Ha, you noticed that, huh Jen? The guy was apparently really talented. From Hungary, btw. And I just love that hat. Anyway, the photographer writes, and I quote:

      This man was making many sounds, birds, animals, musical instruments, etc from his mouth, he was amazing.

      So not only was he ultra-talented, but look at that hat, I mean, come on. You just never know about a person. . .


      Have a wonderful day, Jen Donohue!

      xo kk


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