Today’s Favorite Fives

Attribution: HerbertT, edited by William Wilson

Attribution: HerbertT, edited by William Wilson

I know, they’re so cute!

Such a pretty Saturday, the day before Easter. Clear blue skies, birds tweeting . . . I feel light-hearted so I’m thinking maybe today’s post could be something light and airy. Marshmallow peeps for the soul.

Or something. 🙂

I’ve written ninety blog posts (!!!) since starting this thing. How did that happen??!! I can’t even remember but that’s okay. I have a lot of favorites and thought maybe I could share a few of those; skip down memory lane, as it were.

Oh! By the way! I learned something nifty just this morning: if you Google “EFFIN’ ALBERT”, guess what shows up?


And now, dear readers, here are a few of my favorite things relative to this little blog; as of today and in no particular order and oh yeah, by the way, the following lists are far from comprehensive! Perhaps I’ll post another ‘Favorite Fives’ some time; fodder for another delightfully diaphanous day. . .


5 of my favorite blog posts:
1) /anybody-reads-this-i-shall-shit-my-pants/  My very first blog post. June 5, 2013.
2) /i-missed-my-chance-to-poop-in-cordoba-putputt/ My ode to AbsoluteWrite and the awesome people there.
3) /once-a-prick-always-a-prick/ A huge lapse in confidence relative to CHERRY; a huge thank you to the responders of that post. . .
4) /crazy-days-etc-etc/ Just silly. kk having fun. Kind of like today. 🙂
5) /now-what/ Knee deep in EFFIN’ ALBERT, I was struggling to write ‘The Perfect Ending’

5 favorite blog titles:
1) Eviscerate me, Chuck Wendig
2) do a body justice
3) by my self
4) Unclenching Butts in 3. . .2. . .1
5) Life and death in a parking lot.

5 favorite blog pix (applicable attributions may be found on this blog site):

What the hay–5 more:

Sign_for_the_Dumb_Post_Inn_-_geograph_org_uk_-_1106876 Attribution Trish SteelStudent_at_His_Desk_-_Melancholy_(1633)_by_Pieter_CoddeBloody_Mary,_On_a_Bed_of_NailsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA5-well-shit

5 fav things my beloved readers have written to me:
1) One agent saying no means nothing. The one who says yes will mean everything.
2) He’s a good character. A bastard. The baddie. And even better, the novel is written from the baddie’s POV. And that, my lovely, is unique.
3) I like you more and more as time goes on, kk.
4) You’re such a sweetheart. I think you helped my butt unclench.
5) I don’t think there’s near enough death-by-a-troop-of-angry-baboons in literature.

5 favorite blog topics. Important, maybe. Yeah. Important to me.:
3) AbsoluteWrite
4) Dealing with cancer
5) ❤ You guys. ❤





2 thoughts on “Today’s Favorite Fives

  1. What comes up? YOU come up! 😀

    I really feel like I should post more on Absolute Write. I don’t feel like I’ve really “jacked in” to the community there. I read pretty much daily, but post far more rarely. Of course, I found you there, and some others who are now my Writer Friends™, so that’s something!


    • I know, how fun!

      Jen, I have felt the pang of not contributing as much on AW of late. I am concentrating on querying; that creative spark has dimmed a bit, I think.

      Aye-Dub is doing okay, regardless. There’s an ebb and flow to it, I think. I see folks drift in and out over time (not that I’ve been there a million years or anything, but I have noticed.) So maybe it’s not meant to be a static thing, but rather, a malleable entity, there when we need it, for however long or short, or in whatever manner suits us. Some form a tight community and others slip in and out, meeting folks, making connections that stretch and snap. . .

      Why am I thinking about rubber bands right now?


      I’m glad you’ve formed a bond with your Writer Friends™. Double glad we found each other there.

      xo kk


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