New day. New look. New attitude.

Looking out the window right now and man, it’s grey. I need an attitude adjustment, as they say. Time for a change. Freshen up the joint a little bit.

Attribution: Jessie Eastland

Ahh. That’s better.

Today I pause to reflect on recent personal events, but I shall not linger there. Eyes forward, kk!!! On to the tasks at hand!!!


I’m still not comfortable getting behind the wheel, which means this is a golden opportunity for me: a substantive, relatively unbroken block of time to send out queries for CHERRY and EFFIN’ ALBERT. Speaking of which, I started reading the latter the other day after tweaking the beginning yet again. I’m satisfied so far; in fact, I’m really liking it which is a good thing because I need to find an agent/publisher pronto, you know it? I want to. I really effin’ do. For both novels. I think my CHERRY query is spot-on but I’m still on da fence about my latest attempts for ALBERT, toning down the voice and all that. I have to give it some serious thought, and so I shall.

First, I’ll refresh my cuppa joe but before I haul my sore self off this couch, a parting thought to fellow writers–those of you who find yourselves knee-deep in queries right now, maybe dealing with more than a modicum of frustration and self-doubt:

It’s a new day! I know, I know but It is and anything can happen, so keep those queries coming, keep those dreams alive! Do that and chances are, eventually you’re going to connect with somebody. It’s the law of averages, that’s what Morgan Freeman said! 🙂 Some agent out there has been eagerly awaiting a novel just like yours, will instantly fall in love with it and champion the thing whole-heartedly. And one day, that agent’s going to connect with some fine editor who’s been chomping at the bit to publish a novel just like yours. So get your mindset right, then get your query right and get it out there.

Godspeed, you guys, and thank you for visiting my shiny new blog.

xoxo kk

11 thoughts on “New day. New look. New attitude.

  1. Lawd, I needed this. I learned something valuable about subjectivity last week. I decided to write my book *my* way. I’ve been so eager for feedback from any industry folks that I took it on the chin…and in hindsight, from folks not even used to working with my category/genre. I’mma take a step back and do one more round of revision. And then I’m going to start believing in myself and my work and send that puppy out into the query ring again.
    Take care, Ms. K.


    • YAY Courtney! Good for you! We have to do that, you know it? The alternative is, our wonderful stuff languishes and us, right along with it.

      “Forward, march!” That’s my new motto. Just as soon as I finish that cup of joe, and eat my lunch, and pet my little kitty. . .

      (Just kidding!)

      xo kk


  2. kk, I lovva your new site! You have every reason to keep moving forward. Too many people who’ve read Al have fallen in love for it to be an anomaly. His, an your, day is coming…


    • Elaine, you little sweetie. I am hoping, I really am.

      By the way, how can I thank you??? For everything, I mean. Words escape me, which is ironic. . .

      xoxo to you, Elaine. Really and truly.


    • Tee hee. And now I can officially say, with 100% certainty, that I’m happier than a pig in you-know-what! Thank you so much, Donna, and right back at you.

      xoxo kk


  3. I like the new setup!

    I haven’t brought myself to start editing my novel yet. Query letters, I’ve made gestures at (not posted anywhere).

    And hey, it’s springtime now (Calendar wise, anyway)! A great time for a new attitude, fresh outlook, whatever! 😀


    • It is, Jen. Especially today, the first day of Spring like you said.

      The other day I got a well-timed boot in the butt from a good friend who told me to start querying again, do it in earnest. Hence, my earlier Morgan Freeman blog. Took a couple of days to shed my sluggishness but I’m back at it now and it feels pretty good.

      Hey, why don’t you jump right in? The water’s fine! (Actually, it’s still really damn cold but, you know, I was talking metaphorically.)


      xo kk


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