Snowy Sunday


I went for a ride today. Snow coming down on my beloved nature trail. I took some photographs.


Documented the structure of a tree.


Stopped at a bend in the road. By myself.


Took the long way back, over the free bridge.


Stopped again to take a photograph of the street sign that was my inspiration for CHERRY.


And then, I paused to snap a photo of the place I’ll be in four more days, knowing full well. . .


. . . this is where I’ll want to be.

8 thoughts on “Snowy Sunday

  1. Thank you for these photos, kk. I LOVE the second one, that tree is one I could stare at for hours. The photo of Cherry St, the town looks so cute, quintessential Americana in the snow. ❤
    You'll be back on your road, watching deer and eagles and telling us all about it, and we'll be waiting. xoxo


    • Thanks mrs fringe. You are right about that tree. It was magnificent. I snapped the photo then I just sat there looking at it, and started thinking about aortas and arteries and capillaries and such, which brought to mind. . .

      So I thought of other things. And when that happens again, I shall think of other things, like how sweet and kind you are, mrs fringe.

      xo kk


    • Yep. Know what else? I used to live just off Cherry Street, in a little sub-basement apartment on the Detroit River. What a great place to live. I’d look out the window and see ducks waddling by, eye level. Mr kk was born in that cute little town and we were married there. It’s special to us.

      I remember the day CHERRY came to me. For some reason, I drove by that street sign and knew I was writing a novel titled CHERRY, knew exactly what it going to be about which is either crazy or awesome like you said, Jen.

      Both, I’m thinking.

      ❤ kk


      • I think, perhaps, things that are awesome also tend to be a little bit crazy. Just a little. It’s one of those things. There are times novels or stories come to me like that….but writing them to end is never so easy, of course 😉

        From kk:
        You’re right, Jen. Sometimes writing isn’t easy, but things worth doing, and doing well, seldom are. And the process of writing can be as satisfying as it is maddening. Yeah, a little bit crazy.



    • Wander. . .thank you for stopping by!! Hi there. It was peaceful but cold, you’re right. And we’re supposed to get 3-6 more inches of snow later today into tonight. I forgot what warm is.

      I’ll read some posts from you guys. That should do it.

      xoxo kk


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