In the moment.

attribution: Pete Unseth

attribution: Pete Unseth

Let’s see, today is Valentine’s Day which means. . .

I could do the countdown: next Thursday, six days away.

I could rail against narrow-minded nimrods who find Michael Sam’s honesty abhorrent. I could lament the unrelenting drought in CA and the unrelenting winter storms pounding the East Coast. I could fret over my queries for CHERRY and EFFIN’ ALBERT, curse those who reject me or fail to respond in kk time.

Worry my cowlick. Chew my cheeks raw. Cry.

No. Today I’m living in the moment, where my cat twitches in the midst of a dream and lava rivers flow in free HD. My back aches and my coffee’s cold and a thin veil of dust covers everything. I have a slight headache above my right eye. Friday’s paper rustles in the kitchen and I hear my husband humming. Whistling. On the end table I see the red envelope he left for me, don’t know what’s inside but I can guess. He still makes me smile.

The glass is half full today because I choose to see it that way. Deep breath, in and out and my cat just woke up. He’s looking out the window now and in a moment, so will I.

Living in the moment. Got nothing but time.


4 thoughts on “In the moment.

  1. Right back at you, mrs fringe. You know what’s funny? When I started this blog, I made as my motto or whatever, ”On writing and figuring it all out, yeah.” Not too much of the former but doing a shitload of the latter of late. I think that’s okay.

    You are a sweetheart and I thank you.

    xoxo kk


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