Order in a chaotic world


Order and Chaos, Escher’s litho. In the center is the punctuated, spherical Body, divine and perfect, surrounded by remnants and shards cast aside or too dangerous to keep. The Body is unaffected by the entropic ring.

Nothing can harm the Body, it is perfectly impervious. Balanced. Solid. Front and center it sits, radiating inner light. Reflecting and refracting. Round and smooth and heavy, centered and grounded, sharp as a dagger when it needs to be. An entity to marvel. A force to be reckoned with.

I’m not going anywhere.

8 thoughts on “Order in a chaotic world

    • Right back, sl. I wrote this and felt good. Two hours later, I’m bawling. My poor husband is married to a crazy person. Although, he knew that already. 🙂

      Up and down, ain’t it, sl? I think I know the answer to that.

      xoxo to you. Chin up. Saying that to you as well as me. -kk


  1. Oh, I do like Escher!

    (I also like your Effin’ Albert query attempts in Query Letter Hell but feel I have little to contribute to such threads, especially when your letter is so rocking. So I”ll inappropriately mention it here instead!)


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