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Photo attribution: Trish Steel

I know how to spell, I just suck at it and you know what?

I’m really asking.  🙂

Today is one of those days, you know the ones? When you’re mellow and can’t get too worked up. mr kk and I went on a little trip the other day. Not drug-induced, we drove in our Chrysler van, plowing through the snow and wind, carving a path into the countryside.

Edited to add a photo at mrs fringe’s request. . .


Here’s another one:


One more, what the heck. . .


High fived each other when the odometer rolled over to 98K miles. I braved the cold, squatting outside to leave my mark in the snow three times, hanging my butt out there, praying nobody was looking.

Then again, why would they want to? And actually, as white as my butt is right now, I think it was a non-issue.

We were on the road six hours, not counting the hour I walked around that antique store. Actually, “walked around” is misleading. I walked a bit, then leaned in or arched back, whatever it took to eke out a bit of relief so I could keep looking at the nifty stuff I didn’t buy, partially because I forgot to bring my spending money. Totally and completely forgot. I had my Visa but it wouldn’t have been the same which makes absolutely no sense.

Then it was back to reality, such that it was. A “boutique hotel” in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Real nice place and we were poolside within the hour. He went swimming and I settled down with my trusty laptop, ready to get lost in a novel I’m reading right now, one in a series, written by my friend who lives 8400+ miles away which is amazing. Just like her novel. I was in heaven.

We dropped a hundred bucks on food. Can’t believe that. Splurged on calamari and escargot. I had a nice hunk of filet mignon, butterflied, medium. Ice water with lemon for dinner and a couple of beers back at the ranch. Read until the wee hours of the morning. Made myself a cup of joe from the in-room coffee maker, not terrible. The coffee we bought on the road kind of sucked but it seems like the colder it got, the better it tasted.

My cat was happy to see me when I got home. The feeling was mutual.

I talked to my mom and read the paper. Took a deliciously hot bath. I was going to do my nails but decided against it. I bit them to nubs the other day. I know, I know. Angst rearing its ugly head and I could easily slide backwards toward that place I don’t want to go so I’m looking out the window. It’s snowing again. Snowiest January on record here and I’m loving that. The wind is driving the snow horizontal. It’s going to get damn cold next couple of days, I don’t have to go out today or tomorrow so I don’t mind it. It’s pretty out there.

My little house smells like bacon and sugar cookies. My feet are snuggled into oversized black socks. I brushed my hair and put on a little makeup so I don’t look too bad.

Mr kk’s cooking for me. I’m kind of sleepy because I woke so early but other than that, I’m doing pretty good.

I really am.

10 thoughts on “DUBM POST :)

  1. I would like a photo of said snowy roads. 🙂 Without your mark, of course–because the very thought makes my bits tense and tingle in a most unpleasant way 😉

    So, so glad you were able to have and enjoy this adventure, even without pocket money. Now you have an excuse to go again. Mmmm, sugar cookies…



  2. Oh wow, that sounds like a lovely time.

    I kind of get what you mean, actually, about using the Visa vs. using cash in an antiques emporium of a certain type. It doesn’t feel the same, not at all.

    I wouldn’t mind going swimming, either. Maybe I need that Y membership I keep dancing around….


    • Hi Jen. It was a lovely time. Yeah, the visa/money thing. I have a weird relationship with money. I have to earmark it and don’t allow myself to, you know, spend it. Wantonly. Which, to me means, spend it. Which is so silly. I think it has to do with growing up in abject poverty. Or maybe it’s the Scot in me, courtesy of my Grampa, Augustus. A true Yankee. Thrifty to a fault but he gave generously to his church, and gave freely of his wisdom. 94 years, I do believe. . .

      Where were we? 🙂

      Swimming on a day like today, esp. in a place like that hotel pool. Luxury. Bought and paid for and well deserved, Jen. I think you should do it.

      xoxo kk


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