OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFeels like a long time ago.

I started a blog this year because I thought I should. If I truly was serious about being a published writer, I thought I should press beyond my comfort zone, venture beyond the walls of this little blue room where I write, more often than not, in isolation. I thought I should take those first, tentative steps into the public forum, get my feet wet.

Ergo, this little blog.

What has it been? Bits and pieces of myself, or chunks of me at my most profane, mundane, insane and everything in-between. Self-indulgent descriptions of the trials and tribulations suffered mightily by yours truly as she struggled to write one book and sell another: EFFIN’ ALBERT and CHERRY, respectively. Post after post of kkellie cataloguing thrills and chills and deep disappointments; kkellie being silly and sappily sentimental; kkellie dragging her sweet readers with her through angst-filled days and long, lonely nights. 

My dear readers. My dear friends, those of you I’ve never met but who have, time and again, stopped by to offer support and guidance, hugs and the occasional swift kick in the rear. And always, the comfort of warm company.

You are what I cherish most.

Today you may be pausing to remember and reflect on the year nearly passed; wondering what the future holds. Something quiet and lovely, maybe. Or sweeping and grand. We hope for more joy than sadness, more peace than angst, more health than dis-ease. We hope these things for ourselves, and for our friends and loved ones.

Today, I’m thinking how blessed I am, that my life has been graced by you, my dear and precious readers. And as I pause to reflect at the cusp of this new year, I am wishing you every good thing.


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