Which way the wind blows. . .

which way wind direction

The wind is a fickle thing, blowing this way and that, constantly changing speed and direction. But there is a logic to wind which can be quantified, physics to mathematics, measurable variables.

Revising one’s manuscript is like charting the winds. So many variables to consider. Endless possibilities. There is no clear path to follow and no guarantees the path one chooses is the right one. Beta readers’ responses are subjective and often contrary; sometimes, they seem . . . capricious. There is no constant point at which to start the revision process, no clear point at which it ends.

All of which makes for a daunting task, one might dare say insurmountable; but if a writer is serious about writing, revision is necessary. And you have to start somewhere.

So there I was, standing on the precipice, staring down at my manuscript for EFFIN’ ALBERT; buffeted by possibilities, uncertainty, self-doubt. Not sure which way to go. I took a few tentative steps, tweaked the manuscript a bit. Testing the waters, I guess, not quite ready to take the plunge. Then I revisited my beta responses, reread and analyzed the many thoughtful comments and suggestions my beta readers provided for me. That’s when I began to see. They’d given me a nebulous roadmap to follow. If I moved this scene, cut that paragraph, added a bit here, if I trusted my betas, my writing, my self, I could do it. If I approached the revision process objectively, logically, methodically, I could do it. Daunting or not, I could revise my manuscript.

I was adrift on the winds of uncertainty. Not so much anymore.


7 thoughts on “Which way the wind blows. . .

  1. This is sooooo truuuuuue.

    I was talking to ElaineA about this. How even small changes can then domino, and then even for small things it’s “wtf do I need to rewrite the entire book???” Like you, I gradually started to see a path to follow that actually wasn’t too bad. 🙂

    Also, I saw the pic you used for this entry and said, “COOL! Slope fields!” which just proves what we already knew, that I am a nerd.


  2. sl!!!!!!!!!!! *smooch smooch*

    You spoke to ElaineA the Wise, huh? She can be pretty darn smart, too. I bet it was a rousing conversation. As for slope fields. . .slope fields? Is that what those thingies are called? See, I appreciate that kind of stuff but sometimes I don’t quite get it.

    The path is kind of there now, you are right and I’m glad you see it, too. It’s good to have something tangible to hang your hat on, and even if you decide to veer off a bit, go a different way at least you’re moving forward. The alternative is stagnation. And that tends to stink.


    Btw, thank you for reading my little blog, sl. Seeing your post made my heart go pitty-pat.

    xoxo kk


    • Jen, thanks. You’re too kind! But I like it a whole bunch so maybe you ain’t.
      xo kk

      Btw, I’m moving right along with revisions. Up to Chapter. . . let me look. . .six. SIX??? Is that it? Feels like Chapter, you know, Way More Than Six.



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