Oh Lord


Attribution: Andrés Nieto Porras

It’s done.

Round One of EFFIN’ ALBERT is done. In the hand of betas.

Oh lord, give me strength. It’s done and

So weird, goddamn. I worked on that novel for what, eleven months? Started it November 1, last year and today I tweaked the end one last time, still not sure about it but I’m leaving it as is. Kicking myself in the butt for sending it to Will S., he doesn’t have the latest version. He told me to stop fucking with it so I don’t dare send him the latest. Darn it. He’s going to rip it a new one, I know he is.

ElaineA has it. She’s already started plastic surgery, she says. Sent me a sample of her edits to Chapter One. She’s really good, I know her suggestions are spot on, Will’s too. I’m going to have a ton of work to do on the thing. Despite all that damn editing I did, constant editing. Hair-pulling. Gnashing of teeth. Crying and

Doesn’t matter. All that matters is the end result.

Anne has it. She’s such a good writer. I hope she likes it but I don’t know.

It’s out of my hands now. I just have to wait. Steel myself for what’s coming. Try to prepare myself for the worst, man up, do what I need to do but right now I should just pat myself on the back because I wrote it. I did it. It’s out of me.

So why do I feel this way right now?


15 thoughts on “Oh Lord

  1. Good for you, kk, for finishing and getting the whole thing out to betas! I’ve read excerpts from your draft on AW/SYW and think you’re a good writer — you have a great way with words! It’ll all work out……


    • GoughPubs, hi! I loved my characters, that helped, I couldn’t leave ’em hanging. 🙂

      Thank you very kindly, GP, for reading my stuff and for visiting my little blog thingie.


    • Hi rh. Thank you! Yeah, when I think about the process of writing this one. . .it was an effort. I seriously had my doubts that I’d get ‘er done. So yes, I am tentatively celebrating. 🙂


    • Jen, you’re right, you know. In some ways ALBERT is a lot like IBIS. The brothers, older resenting younger. So your brain ain’t so weird after all. As for the betas, I have been really lucky. They really helped me with CHERRY and already I’m getting great advice with ALBERT. But, I will have work to do. . .

      poo. 🙂


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