Last Leg


Catherine Fox, ArtsAtl

I see it.

So close, I see it. After all these months, the end of EFFIN’ ALBERT is in my sights. I actually–for a moment, on September 26th–believed myself done. I wrote the climax, wrote the denouement. Poured myself a victory shot of Cherry effin’ Brandy.

Then I opened the Word file and stumbled, skinned both knees.

I think I chipped a tooth.

Since that fateful day I’ve opened that file countless times, read and reread and revised and scrapped and rewrote those two final chapters. I’ve boldly declared myself DONE again, then sheepishly declared myself UNDONE, and that’s where EFFIN’ ALBERT stands right now: undone. Unfinished. Close, so close. . .

Close but no cigar.

See that photo? That’s me, hairy legs and all, freeze-framed on the cusp, poised to cross that finish line. All I need is for someone to hit the “start” button again, some magic elixir to get my creative juices flowing again, those legs of mine pumping again, those writing chops crunching again. Some Being From On High to float down and give me that final, fateful PUSH

I can almost taste it.

18 thoughts on “Last Leg

  1. Finishing is HARD.

    I haven’t finished “The Last Song” yet, though I’ve made sporadic gestures at the beginnings of the “second draft rewrite” (or whatever it is that I’m doing) anyway. It’s funny, because I know how the last paragraph is supposed to go. I just need to get there. One chapter? Two probably. But have I? Nope.

    You can do it! /cheering from the finish line


  2. You’ll get there. You just need a little perspective. As others said, let it sit awhile. Taking a long walk usually helps me. Something about the physical activity gets the juices flowing.


    • Hi, lucie. I shall finish, I know it. Thank you for the encouragement and for visiting my little blog. As for starting the next one, yikes on that!!! 🙂 I have one to get sold and three I can fix. I think. eek!


  3. Two responses:

    mrs fringe, how did you know???!!! 🙂

    rh, yep, I know, I know!!! I keep saying that. I shall let it percolate, On a little vacation to see the fall colors and maybe clear my head a bit, better to clear it than beat it against the wall. 🙂


    *flops around in uncoordinated support*

    ps. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who doesn’t understand acronyms


    • buz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s two o’clock in the flipping morning. Why are you awake? Err, maybe it ain’t two where my little buz resides. . .

      Why does this computer say 7:04? What was the question again?



  5. Some of us wake up after four flippin’ hours cuz our backs is killing us. Is that insomniaz? Sorry about the nosebleeds, little buz. I’d say put a sock in it but that might come across as a wee bit insensitive.



  6. I’m so sorry, kk, that blows. Want me to come inject you with horse tranquilizers? ….(I’m so helpful)
    I should have used a sock, maybe. I went through a lot of toilet paper but just ended up swallowing a lot and now I think I’d like to throw up but I’m really not into that idea at all. :p
    *pat pat* go back to sleepz….


    • My poor buz. Nothing like bleeding out at two o’clock in the morning. Kinda sucks. 🙂 I did go back to sleep for a couple of hours. I’m really glad I have this little laptop cuz not much else to do at four a.m. in a motel room. Not when mr kk’s snoozing.

      Poo. 😉


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