Last Leg?

After nearly of year of writing my novel, aka: banging my head against the keyboard, kicking ass and taking names, rejoicing and lamenting I can say with a fair amount of certainty that I am, uhh. . .

I don’t want to jinx myself.

The day before yesterday I figured out the critical climax scene for EFFIN’ ALBERT. I jotted down the major plot points, set myself down and starting writing and lo, it was good. Really. For about nine and a half hours it was really effin’ good, then I opened the document and read what I wrote and. . .

Yeah, I gotta quit doing that. 🙂

What I wrote isn’t going to fly but I believe I’ve pinpointed the problems. First, there’s no big reveal and it absolutely needs that. Second, there’s too much blah blah sitting around stuff. My mc and his family are in a world of hurt but they aren’t *doing* anything. Granted, this is the scene right before THE SCENE but still, I can’t let the tension lapse, not now.

I think the latter part will be okay. Hopefully. So all I have to do now is rework that first part, write the second part, and wrap things up. I have fixes in mind. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. All I have to do is write the damn thing. . .

. . .which has been my mantra for the last what, ten months? Eleven? My God, just write the damn thing! I cried and whined for a good part of those eleven months but that’s okay. Actually, it’s more than okay. I’m giving myself credit because I’ve pretty much done what I set out to do: write a decent 70K-word suspense novel. I’m over 70K now, just two chapters to go.

I’m not saying I’m almost done. Once I get that last chapter written I’ll be rereading the thing, tweaking, revising, reworking, finding beta readers and revising some more, writing a query and synopsis then the crazy querying starts and I’ll be crossing my fingers and wringing my hands and sweating all kinds of bullets but that’s part of it, part of the process; my fellow writers know what I’m talking about.

So, this is my definitive declaration relative to my WIP: I’m officially on the Last Leg of Round One of EFFIN’ ALBERT. It ain’t done, not by a long shot, not even close but you know what?

Feels good anyhow.

6 thoughts on “Last Leg?

    • Well hi, ralf58/rhchatlien! Oh, lord. I’m taking a mini-break for a minute because this is nerve-racking stuff!!! Not just the scene, but the realization that I’m committed to it now, running with it. . .

      Yikes, yikes, yikes.

      Thank you for come all the way from AW to here, and for your encouragement and support.

      ❤ kk


  1. keep goin, keep goin. 🙂 when you can smell the end, it’s like pie on the windowsill in a cartoon, carrying you home with it wafting stink-lines…:D


    • Carried home, my little buz? No, I got carried away. I spent today rewriting a perfectly decent climax chapter. I don’t like what I did. I want perfection.
      I have to finish my damn book. 🙂
      xo kk


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