Fortunate Cookie

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am.

I’ve mentioned on this blog how much I loved teaching, how lost I was when I couldn’t do it anymore. When mr kk suggested I try writing a novel I was really hesitant. I kicked the idea around but I was afraid, uncertain.

At some point during that time, we went to a Chinese buffet. At the end of the meal, our server brought each of us a fortune cookie. Mine read: There is yet enough time for you to take a different path.

For some crazy reason, I believed it. Three months later, I’d written my first novel.

Since then, I’ve written three more novels and nearly finished my fifth. Amazing. And yet, I sometimes find myself forgetting how fortunate I am, that I have this opportunity to do something I love so much, that I have such wonderful support from my husband and family and friends.

My fourth novel CHERRY is being queried. Right now it’s out of my hands. My WIP EFFIN’ ALBERT has been a real challenge to write and I start doubting but I shouldn’t.  All I have to do is open the little brass box where I keep the little slips of paper that foretell my rosy future:

You will soon have something you have always wanted.

Something wonderful is about to happen to you.

Good news will come to you from far away.

Of course it will!

The other day we went out to eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant. During dinner, mr kk and I were talking about my book. It’s so close and I have such high hopes for it, but . . . and what about CHERRY, when will I hear something, maybe they won’t like it, maybe. . .

I shouldn’t have worried. At the end of the meal, I got the good news, straight from the Divine to me, by way of a charming little cookie:

Your present plans are going to succeed. 

I know.  🙂


6 thoughts on “Fortunate Cookie

  1. Twenty-four years ago, my coworkers took me to a Chinese restaurant on my birthday. My fortune cookie read, “You or a close friend will be married within the year.” The man who became my husband proposed that night.

    True story.

    Best of luck on your queries and ongoing projects.


    • How wonderful! I believe it, I do. It’s serendipity, when Fate smiles upon us and the stars align and our future sparkles and shines on little slips of paper. So happy for you, rhchatlien. Thank you for sharing your sweet little story, thank you for the good wishes, thank you for visiting my little blog!



  2. I’m not a fortune-cookie believing kind of gal in the sense that I don’t think they can foretell our future. BUT if you read a fortune cookie and use what it says to change your life because that’s what you want and it’s in a direction you want? That’s beyond terrific. Good for you. 🙂


    • The realist in me says it’s coincidental, certainly not causal. Maybe so. But maybe not. It’s kind of like the butterfly effect: one small thing happens and who knows what effect it will have at some future time, or to what extent?

      Even if those little fortunes do nothing more than keep us hoping, that’s something. Because sometimes that’s what we’re hanging on to. And if they plant a seed, get us thinking–

      There’s a lot I don’t know and don’t understand. I won’t say I’m gullible because in a lot of ways I’m a Doubting Thomas. But things happen sometimes that seem important somehow, give me pause, make me notice. And when something good comes of that I can’t help but think, Maybe. . .

      That is kind of terrific. Thank you so much for visiting and for your comments, LMA. You little rascal.

      xo kk


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