Now what?


For the last month, maybe more, she’s been thinking about how to end EFFIN’ ALBERT. The climax eludes her so she’s tweaked what she’s written, added some stuff, cut some, revised . . . all the while lamenting. We know, we know–it’s taking its toll. Welcome to the wonderful world of fiction writing.

Meanwhile, her novel—now pleasantly plump at sixty-five-thousand-plus words—waits patiently for that last, big push. Watching her distress with this bemused expression: Now what, kk? 

Good question.

Granted, this novel’s been a bugger to write, coming to her in fits and starts, every word digging in its heels or fighting her tooth and nail; every chapter pulled out of her, kicking and screaming. Despite it all, finally, she’s coming to the end but once again, she’s stuck. Why is this so hard? She has some ideas for her ending; why can’t she commit, run with it, get the thing done?

She suspects she knows what the problem is: she’s putting big-time pressure on herself to write an amazing climax, a real “Wtf, holy SHIT!” suspense novel ending, one everybody expects, and nobody sees coming. TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD meets PREDATOR, maybe. No, THE LOVELY BONES, only way better because her bad guy’s really, really bad and he’s gonna get what’s coming to him. In spades. None of that tumbling down the hill to his death crap–this bastard’s gonna get DESTROYED and these two kids are going to do it, if they can survive long enough. One way or another, it’s gonna get ugly. Her novel’s gonna be an edge-of-your-seat nail-biter to the bitter end. Her ending is gonna kick butt, Innocence triumphing over Evil if those kids are smart enough, lucky enough; if that writer is savvy enough, brave enough. . .

Classic suspense, that’s what this is–Process and Story, building and building toward a dynamite climax, culminating in nothing less than The Perfect Ending.

All she has to do is write it.

20 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. It’ll come to you, while you’re taking a break. Just make sure you’ve got a pad and pencil handy for when it does.
    Though first I’d ask the question, is death the worst thing that could happen to him, from the kids’ perspectives and be satisfying for the intended adult audience? 😉


    • Anybody who has read excerpts from EFFIN’ ALBERT has called for the guy’s head, preferably detached from his body. The general consensus thus far has been a resounding KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or, more accurately, KILL HIM, KK. . . . OR ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!


      As for the two boys who’ve been living with this guy, who know what he’s done and what he’s capable of: Their primary goal is to stop him although the older kid hates him and fantasizes doing away with him in a variety of nasty ways. As for sweet little Albert, he doesn’t hate that cop. He doesn’t hate anybody because he’s so, so sweet but he is vulnerable and that cop despises him, so. . .

      I need to be open to that creative Jetstream. It’ll come. It always does. I surely do appreciate your support, mrs fringe!

      xoxo kk


  2. Mmmmm…sounds like mah kinda berk. 😀 😀

    If you need a list of horrifically perverted and awful ways to hurt people, I’m sure I can come up with…

    Um. Golly, that doesn’t reflect very well on me, does it…


    • BUZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo kiss kiss smooch smooch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Now that I’ve got the formalities out of the way 🙂 you have any horrifically perverted and awful ways to kill people, I might be interested. Actually, my sweet mother had a dream about how to kill him, she forgot when she woke up, she’s been racking her brain, she said it was PERFECT. That’s the kind of protoplasm I spring from, kiddo, so I think you’re okay.

      xo Karen


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