Unclenching Butts in 3. . .2. . .1. . .

The yellow people are in some kind of advertising campaign in Estonia. The words translate to “Crazy Days,” which got me thinking about that sweet little dove. Then Willie the Caterpillar hatches into a lovely Eastern Black Swallowtail and flies away, proving Life Goes On.

Told ya.

Been working on ALBERT, editing before I’m done which is a crazy bass-ackwards kind of thingie but hey, whatever woiks.

The holiday weekend is upon us. It’s post-midnight here in Michigan, USA. A storm rages outside my walls but here in my little blue room, I’m mellow. Drinking Diet Sunkist Orange spiked with nothing at all, thinking of my friend Putster down San Francisco way, soon to be in LA meeting up with some fellow AW crazies. . .

Which reminds me. Once in a while, I get these message thingies on AW. Not private messages, not public. Rep messages, I guess they’re called. Tonight I was scrolling through those things for fun because hey, it’s after midnight and my little pea brain’s off the clock. Anyhoo, some were kind of nifty so I thought, what the heck, slap a few of those bad boys up. Give folks a smile, or maybe one of those faces, you know the kind:

 :crazy:  WHA???

or maybe  0   WTF??

*  *  *

Wassat thingy on top? Is that a…scrotum and a wiener?

I think it goes: nail-biting, heavy imbibing, then head banging on the desk due to passing out drunk

OMG, just…. stop externalising!!! Otherwise I’m gonna get my gaffer tape and a sock.

“I write, therefore I suck” – LOL PERFECT.

awesome! and if it makes you feel any better, my cat really did pee in my shoes

Why do I listen to you anyway? You’re so bipolar and contradictory =P

See?! Now don’t you wish I’d punched her in the ovaries??

I shall let the creative juices stew because clearly the vegetables are still a little undercooked.

I don’t know how you did it, but somehow you managed to write something that both sucks and blows at the same time. Quite a feat. Almost feel like congratulating you on that. But I won’t.

I’ll settle for us both being wrong…

A drooly face?? Drooling all over my query?? Yes please!

Thank you very much. I just got handcuffed by the police while walking home from work.

Squeaks. I love it. I have to use it. I will find a way to use it. IT WILL BE USED IN SOME MANNER BY ME IN THE FUTURE!

My dog’s name is Orson Bean and I call him Mr. Bean. Now, I’m going to tell him he could end up in a frying pan. You know, just to freak him out.

I preferred your original version! The cut one is too abrupt. I can’t care about weird seizures until I’ve seen normal worm-baiting…

Fine, fine. You can have dick. I just want to buy the book when it’s pubbed. That’s all… It’s awesome, kkbe, truly.

stop saying behoove! You look like a friggin idiot. Also, your nose is running.

You’re such a sweetheart. I think you helped my butt unclench.

*  *  *


Told ya.

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