Life and death in a parking lot.


We just saw IRON MAN 3. Left the theatre talking about the awesome special effects, talking about how hungry we were, how great those burgers were gonna taste, yeah, and we had a powerful thirst. An ice cold beer sounded really good. Laughing and salivating on our way to the Half-time Bar, three p.m.

Pulled into a nearly empty lot and I was about to get out of the van when I happened to look to my right and that’s when I saw it, and that’s when I knew, Oh shit. Oh fuck.

I told mr kk to wait. I got out and walked slowly toward the little bird sitting on the blacktop. Not moving, just sitting. I had a bad, bad feeling. Got closer, talking to it soft, Hey sweetheart, what’s going on with you, huh? And then when I got real close and could see. . .

Oh my God.

This little dove, oh Jesus. I don’t know what happened to it. Its eyes. . . it couldn’t see and its beak was just. . . I have never seen anything so horrifying, this bird’s beak was just. . .


I spoke softly, knelt down, scooped it up and held this sweet, sweet little thing and told my husband, We have to kill it right now.

Give it to me, he said.

Turn away, he said. Turn away. Right now.

I did, I turned away and I shut my eyes and cried, shut my eyes and said a prayer for that sweet, sweet little thing, that poor sweet little thing, praying its death would be quick, praying it wouldn’t suffer, that its little soul would fly to straight to heaven. . .

I love my husband, I love him, he did what had to be done. It wasn’t easy for him, he cried. Oh, I’m so grateful to him. I’m so grateful we were there at that time, I am. That little thing needed somebody to help it, it didn’t stand a chance, not a chance in hell and I hope its death was merciful, I know it was but I


7 thoughts on “Life and death in a parking lot.

  1. Oh what a sad, sad thing. Made me cry just reading your post. But you did the right thing, the best thing for the little bird. The bird is very fortunate that you came upon it and not someone cruel or heartless.


  2. 😦 Poor bird, and poor kk.

    *this is me supporting you, and not saying that all the winged rats (pigeons) of the Upper West Side could use Mr kk’s tender ministrations. Nope, not saying that at all.


  3. A visceral reaction for sure.

    Funny how we can watch movies full of death and violence and not be affected like seeing a dying little bird in a parking lot. I can’t even listen to cockroaches crunching under my husband’s shoe. I can’t imagine how difficult that must have been for yours.


    • The choice was easy. Not easy. There was no question. So odd to feel that yin and yang: thankful and sad, crying for that little life and so glad I was there to end it, is that awful? Oh geez. . .

      Thank you, Jordan.


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