Attribution: Caros Ostos Sabugal

two-thirty in the morning shove a fist under my back but it ain’t working can’t get up, i grab the mattress edge, pull myself right then slide, feet touch the floor push myself up then stand a minute tell myself don’t move too fast one move is all it takes.

down the hall in bare feet slow, i’m heading to the cabinet where i keep my sanity need water, warm coke camel piss i do not care just give it to me, hurry up i can not take this swear to god i ease myself into a chair and shut my eyes and walk that mile with it, L4 and 5 the epicenter down both thighs and left leg stabbing, shin, left groin left foot if Bosch’s Hell is ten i’m at an eight right now. . .

cleaned the house, it’s so ridiculous, pisses me off no end my life before, i didn’t know how good i had it now i do and now it’s kicking in, i think it’s kicking in, it’s kicking in now lord i feel it, thank you very much for washing over me at fucking three a.m.

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