I used to be a teacher. . .

I loved teaching little kids. When I realized that I physically couldn’t do it anymore, I cannot tell you how sad I was. Writing saved me, it’s true. But teaching . . .

There is nothing else like it.

Every time September gets close I start slipping into melancholia, remembering. I can’t seem to help it but today, I’ll try. Today, I’m remembering my darling little students and their appreciative parents.


Mrs. E–, Thank you for making N–‘s first year of school so wonderful. I could not believe how much he truly loved school, Sundays would come around; he would wake up and be upset that it wasn’t a school day yet.

*  *  *

We are so grateful how much you nurtured K– and gave him such a positive school experience. He loves you and you are a very important person to him.

*  *  *

Mrs. E–, I just wanted to Thank You from the bottom of my heart for giving my baby such a wonderful start . . . God made sure B– had you this year and I am so thankful for that. You were exactly what and who my son needed! He loves you very much and remembers you in his bedtime prayers.

* * *

V– has enjoyed this year so much and loves YOU so much . . . You provided a loving and caring environment while being a wonderful teacher.

*  *  *

Mrs. E– You have been a milestone for S–. He will never forget how wonderful and exciting you made learning, and neither will I. He will remember you forever . . . I can’t thank you enough for being so good at what you do . . . Mrs. E–, I will miss you and your love for teaching.

*  *  *

Mrs. E–, I know I’m handling the end of this school year much worse than I–. Once again, we want to thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. We’ve been lucky to be touched by your gift of making learning fun. We wish you all the best, and then some!

*  *  *

Dear (heart) Mrs. (heart) E– (heart) I (heart) love my teacher. You are (heart) the best teacher (heart) in the (heart) whole wide world. (heart) (heart) (heart). Love, K–

*  *  *

Dear Mrs. Edwards, (heart) How are you? How are your kids this year? Are the kids good? Is that class better than last years? How are Heart and Oreo? How are Michael and Maxwell? I sure miss you! You were right about 1st grade it can be fun but I still say, it will never be better than Kindergarten! You were the best teacher ever! How is Mr. E–? Your best student, Love, A– (heart)

*  *  *

Dear Mrs. E–, Ples do not go Pleas all of as air counting on you From all of as.

*  *  *

I miss you guys. xoxo Mrs. E.


6 thoughts on “I used to be a teacher. . .

  1. You saved all their notes! How sweet!

    I’ve taught one-year-olds for three years, and without a doubt the only thing that keeps me going is the daily hugs–not just from my students, but from past students, running down the hall, shouting my name and telling me all about whatever happened to them that day. Now I’m starting to get their younger siblings. I just love it.

    Teaching is hard job, one of the hardest, but so, so rewarding. It’s a shame you can’t keep it up for long. I can already see how it’s killing my body….


    • Hi jordymike. You know what? You are so right. It was hard. Physically and emotionally demanding and draining and yet, I adored those kids. I loved their love of learning, their innocence — then as the year went on, they became more worldly, saying that about five-year-olds but it’s true. Their confidence grew, everything happened exponentially. Glorious thing. I loved it, I truly did but I cried so much and worked so hard. Maybe it’s a good thing, I never would have written as I have these past three years if I were still teaching. I just hope I instilled a love of learning that transcends all the crap.

      You know what it’s like. I know you do, jordymike.



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