Singing the Rag Time Germ blues. . .


Gather ’round, boys and girls but not too close ‘cuz Momma don’t feel too good. Tell you what, she got the nasties tap-dancing in her belly and twisting her intestines. I do believe she’s caught herself some kinda bug.

And that damn germ’s playing tic-tac-woe with her daily constitution.


Let’s see, today’s what, Thursday? That’s right, which means one week ago today Momma started feeling mighty poorly, what’d she say? Like she swallowed a baseball studded with thorns. Delightful, let me tell you. Whatever it was, felt like she cut her throat right up, poor thing; not to mention her general malaise.

But the last couple days she started feeling better. Momma thought she might be on the mend. Yesterday she went outside and wrote some; same today and plus she watched TV, even croaked out a conversation and things were looking up, she turned the corner, not completely well but getting there and then today–this very afternoon–her better half whipped up one delightful dinner; hell, she felt so fine she even made the biscuits! Then she plopped down and helped herself to a big ol’ bowl of mr kk’s finest. . .

But as soon as that last delicious spoonful slid past her lips and down her slender, tender throat, Momma was rocked with nausea and a dizzy spell that threw her for a loop, knocked her off her feet, blindsided her big time and at that moment, that precise tick of the clock she leaned back and proclaimed herself  sick as a goddamn dog, she got the bug, that Rag Time Germ and now it’s back for seconds, played her for a fool, slid down her gullet, slipped into her gut and heartily exclaimed, “Let’s knock her goddamn socks off, send her reeling, holy SHIT this is gonna be fun–“


11 thoughts on “Singing the Rag Time Germ blues. . .

  1. I’m so sorry you’re sick! Feel better!! (Also, this was so much more fun to read than any of the posts I’ve made about being sick. Way to be awesomesauce creative when you’re feeling so yucky; I’m jealous!)


    • ::blushes::

      I come back to this comment thread and y’all are talking about me WHAAAAAT . . . no wonder my nose was itching . . .

      kk, I hope you are feeling better today??? It’s no fun being sick!


      • I am feeling marginally better. Mr. kk is going to cook for me, eggs on toast, something I can handle, hopefully. Thank you slhuang. You and Putster, you guys. . . and anybody, everybody who takes the time to visit me in this little corner of la la land. . .



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