kk in a nutshell


Inspired today by this photo by mantamagorical, as well as a couple of fine bloggers–mrs fringe (who just celebrated her one year blogiversary <3) and Opinionated Man, who just started following me, so I returned the favor (guess who gets the better end of that deal? :-))–I thought I’d change things up today.

Aw, poo.  I’m sick. And tired. I shall spare the sordid details. Suffice to say I can’t write anything of substance today. My brain won’t let me and so, I shall look back and share some things I’ve done over the years. Hopefully, you will find some of it interesting.


I’ve tried to save a snake, mouse, and turtle. All three bit me.  I had a sopping wet cat’s dirty front claw stuck in my cheek. It was a bugger getting that sucker out.

I climbed onto the Vancouver Canucks’ bus. They invited me to a party. I didn’t go. Probably a good thing. I was arrested for walking onto the field of the old Tiger Stadium. They let me go, I was really glad about that. I’ve kissed Bill Freehand and I pissed off Al Kaline. I spent an afternoon with Mark Fidrych in his apartment.

He drove me home.

I got straight A’s in graduate school at U of M and was chosen as the honor scholar for grad studies in Education. Worked my ass off. The honor was pretty cool.

I fished for a worm. For real. It’s in EFFIN’ ALBERT, really happened. I called ducklings to the shore of the Raisin River in Monroe. They paddled over to me, climbed out and waddled right up to me and I scooped those little guys up, held them in my hands. I watched TV with a skunk curled up in my lap. They’re really dense, body-wise. Seagulls, on the other hand, weigh nothing. Light as a damn feather.

My cat Momma-Loo lived to be 24 years old.

My neighbor’s video of a guy saving a chimp at the Detroit Zoo went viral. It’s been on TV countless times. So I’m famous by association.

I look 20 years younger than I am. Sometimes I feel 20 years older. Not all the time for either one.

I can draw and write and I hate puzzles. I’m generous to a fault. I am selfish to a fault. I am trusting to a fault. I’m a Doubting Thomas.

I’m a Gemini which I think explains a lot. Mr kk says I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I consider myself to be shy. I wanted to be an actress, almost went to UCLA. I have hardware in my back. I have pretty eyes. I feel a lot more comfortable with men then women. Men generally like my company.

My throat hurts. I love my mother-in-law.

No doubt, as soon as soon as I hit the Publish button, I’ll think of something I forgot.

Sometimes I lie but not today.


14 thoughts on “kk in a nutshell

    • Present company included sl, absolutely. Thank you for visiting my little nuthouse, I would’ve offered you tea but all I have is rum and Diet Coke. Medicinal purposes. . . 🙂

      xo kk


  1. LOVE this post, love the bits and pieces that make you, you. 😀 sl is right, you are totally cool.
    If I ever do get out of the city, I’ll need you to come and teach me not to be afraid of the critters. Except pigeons, because everyone should be afraid of them. And seagulls, because I do love any and all critters that go along with the beach.

    I am sorry you’re not feeling well today. Have another shot, burn those germs from the inside out. For medicinal purposes, of course.

    Thank you for the plug, I’m happy you’re here.



  2. A guy saving a chimp at the Detroit Zoo? Well, now I know what I need to Google. 😀

    I envy your skunky tv watching. I do dearly love skunks, though I’ve never had an in person interaction with one.


    • Chef Putputt! I gotta job woiking on da assembly line at Chrysler’s. Couldn’t pass up the big bucks at such a young age, so. . . and then. . . and there you have it. On da bright side, I never woulda met mr kk, nor would I have been an artist, nor teacher, nor writer, which means I never woulda met my little Putster.

      xo kk


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