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Yesterday was amazingly wonderful, so unexpected and I still can’t believe. . .

I’d taken a chance with a query, sent to a well-respected indie publisher. The query was for CHERRY–quite the little beastie, just as it was. But I ramped the stakes at the end, adding that my novel was raw and messy and really good and I want you to read the thing, take a chance. . .

Why did I do that?

Tell you why. Because of something somebody wrote to me when I was knee-deep in Query Letter Hell over at AbsoluteWrite. I’d been lamenting the fact that yeah, CHERRY might be too much for most agents or publishers, I think I’m screwed blah blah. . .

A certain aye-dubber–and I respect the hell out of him, btw–posted what was tantamount to a rum-soaked diatribe, something along the lines of: JESUS would you quitcherbitchin’ kkbe! For Christ’s sake, if what you’re doing ain’t working CHANGE WHAT THE HELL YOU’RE DOING. Try indie publishers if agents aren’t biting. Is it good, do you think it’s good? Try that, tell agents and editors I wrote this thing and it may not be the usual fare but dammit, it’s good and I want you to read it, take that chance. . .

So I did.

Yesterday I opened Outlook and saw that Mr. X, editor of indie publisher T…Books, sent me an email. First thought was, Another rejection. Dammit. But before I opened the thing, I found my query tracking sheet for CHERRY, slid my finger down the list until I found Mr. X and T…Books. What did I write back on July 2nd? Could take a really long time. That’s right. I remember reading that T…Books was swamped, submission-wise. Response time was, in their words, “glacial.”

Second note to self was VERY CHANCY QUERY.  What the hell did I write to these people? 

I clicked on the email I’d sent July 2 and knew I was screwed because I’d added that end part, you know: “This is raw and I know that, parts are ugly and there’s a really rough scene in there but hey, it’s good I think and I want you to take a chance, I want to send you the full. . .”

I took a deep breath and opened my email from the illustrious Mr. X. He wrote:

“Dear Writer of the Best Query Letter Ever (aks K…E…) – Please send that whole manuscript to me [@editor email address]. That really was a great query.”

Holy crap. I still can’t believe. . .

On my Query Letter Hell thread over at AW, I posted an update on this latest, unbelieveable development and was promptly overwhelmed by good luck wishes and way to gos, can’t wait, fingers and toes crossed, you’re gonna a published author, best-selling author. . .

So fun, really wonderful and I was grinning from ear-to-ear yesterday, so happy.

And later, lying in bed in the dark, I took a chance, looked forward. Allowed myself a peek at one possible future. Dared to dream just a little bit. Dared to whisper, What if, kk? Could it really happen? 


9 thoughts on “look forward angel

  1. Whooo Hooo! Fingers crossed over here! I wanna be one of those people who, WHEN you make it, I can say “Cherry? Oh that lil thing, oh yes I read that long ago when it was in the making, I’m just hanging around waiting for the authors NEXT book…”

    Well done!
    I’m spamming you with good luck wishes right now….


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