Virtual Perpetuality


She asks that question to the Universe, having just checked her emails for any sign of life. She had such high hopes, reflected in the day’s breaking dawn: crisp and clear, fresh and full of promise. . .
Actually, it’s nippy and kind of cloudy out, and I woke sluggish and out of sorts after sleeping nearly twelve hours to which I say Holy crap, where’s my coffee?  I guess I needed it, but that’s not the point. The point is, my novel CHERRY is in a state of virtual perpetuality right now. I’m waiting to hear back from a few publishers and a certain agent.
A little backround.
I wrote CHERRY, my fourth novel, then sufficiently shredded the thing based on some amazing beta reader comments and suggestions. I put it back together again, moving chapters, adding new stuff, then I refined it, tweaked it and tweaked it and tweaked it some more, and finally declared it *done*.
Fool that I was.
I shall not bore you, my ersatz readers, with my harrowing tale of woe relative to drafting my query letter for CHERRY. Should anyone be interested, you may peruse my personal journey through Query Letter Hell over on AbsoluteWrite *here* . It started last April (I’m talking 2012) and ended last month. Long story short, I worked that puppy to death, realized CHERRY wasn’t done yet, reworked the novel then sent it to betas again, then started from scratch with the query and finally declared both ready to roll.
Novel and query complete, I tentatively sent forth a few queries–six, to be exact. Five to independent publishers and one to an agent. I shall speak more of my reasoning behind going the indie route in another blog thingie. Suffice to say, I thought it was prudent to do so, considering a lot of things, not the least of which is CHERRY’s subject matter. As for that lone agent, I found him after a bout of extensive research. I’m not suggesting he was difficult to find–actually, he’s well-known, well-respected, owns the agency. The process was extensive only because I made it so, because I tend to do that, because I’m–Fodder for another blog thingie, perhaps.

Back to it: of the five indies, two have responded thus far; both, within days of sending my query, and both requesting fulls. Endless possibilities danced inside my little pea brain and made me giddy. THEN, barely two days after sending my query to the agent, I received an email from him requesting the first few chapters. Oh joy! Rapture! I sent him the first five chapters then commenced to doing the happy dance, which lasted a week, maybe.
Then harsh reality set in, as it tends to do. Truth is, I may be waiting for a while. I may never hear back. (I shall not mention the harshest reality: that, even if I do hear back, chances of anything actually *happening* are slim. I won’t mention that because I’ll just get depressed and it ain’t even 7 a.m. yet and I ain’t even finished my first cuppa joe yet.)
Bottom line is this: Today is June 9, 2013, and I am waiting to hear from two indie publishers and one fine literary agent. I know, I know, it’s only been a month–four weeks, that’s peanuts in the novel submission waiting game, patience is a virtue my God stop your whining just give it a rest but the waiting is

3 thoughts on “Virtual Perpetuality

  1. I have seen much of your query travails over on AW (I don't think I contributed much; I go into 'query slumps' over there from time-to-time) and can relate. I just recently got unexpected agent feedback on the query and first 30 pages of one of my works; looking at the comments, and then looking through the manuscript, I cringed and thought, "How could I have believed this was ready???"The waiting sucks. All we can do is write on. Best of luck, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


  2. I read that QLH thread and loved your Cherry. It's a great story that deserves to be out there. Here's hoping for you! I'm going to embark on the same journy soon – finish my novel, post my query on AW, get shredded and beaten to pulp, post again… send out and wait. And wait. That's what they all tell us, isn't it, those big guys who've been there before. Three months are nothing! I can't wrap my head around it – I still fantasise that everything will happen within a few weeks after I've finished my side of the process. Why must publishing be so slow?


  3. JeffO, you are right, waiting sucks but time goes by anyway. We shall make the most of it, right?Torill, you are very kind. As for the interminable waiting game, the good news is, you never really know how long it'll take. I shall try to remain upbeat, as the alternative makes me want to slap myself.:-)


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