q & a

Who do I think I am?

Funny you should ask.

Post number two and I’ve been thinking, which is always a crap shoot. Anyhoo, I was thinking that maybe them of you that’s checking out this here blog might wonder who the heck you’re dealing with.

Ergo, 10 questions, asked and answered by yours truly. Ready?

1. So, kk, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Not a question but I shall respond anyway because I’m a narcissist. Not really. Actually, I’m an introverted extrovert, born in Massachusetts, raised in S.E. Michigan. I still reside here. Four siblings, three sisters and an older brother. My dad died when I was four, suddenly and on his 30th b-day, all quite tragic but we muddled through. We were poor growing up but not on welfare. My mother got a job as a waitress then put herself through college, got her Masters and a great job with the DOD. My brother and two of my sisters graduated from U of M. I did, too.

I put myself through college washing dishes. Worked as a graphic artist, worked for Chrysler’s on various assembly lines, taught early elementary. Had to take a medical retirement because of a ridiculous accident: I fell off a chair, fractured my foot, 7 screws and I was walking funny, hence back trouble. Two lumbar fusions later I found myself looking at a speeding semi coming at me, wondering if I should turn the wheel to the left. . .

I didn’t. Instead, I started to write and the rest, as they say–

2. We said “a bit.”

My bad.

3. You write children’s books?

Nope. Not even. I’d say my first four novels are psychological suspense thingies, the one I’m working on now is pretty much suspense. None fit the genres neat and tidy, though. And some people tell me I write literary fiction. I don’t know about that.

4.  You’ve written four novels, huh? 

Yep. Working on number five, like I said. I bet you’re wondering how long I’ve writing. Couple of years now.

5. How old are you, kk? 

To borrow from Santa Clause (in Miracle on 34th Street), I’m as old as my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth. I don’t look wizened or anything. My hair is brown and past my shoulders. Eyes are hazel. I like jeans, wearing jeans and a sweatshirt right now and I have to change pretty quick, I’m sweating like a pig right now.

6. What do you do for fun? 

I’m passionate about writing, that’s for sure. I like to draw, I’ve tried my hand at painting and I ain’t bad. I love to travel–I’ve been to England and Italy, Mexico, All over the U.S. I love old things, antiques and stuff, I thank my Grampa for that. My kitty Max gives me all kinds of joy. Love my family, my husband’s a keeper. Actually, he is my first love–

7. TMI. 


8. Are you going to talk about writing at any point? 

Eventually, to make you happy. We aim to please.

9. Do you consider yourself a good writer?

When I’m feeling jacked about something I’ve written, yes. When I’m down in the dumps, no. I vacillate between kk kicks ass and kk sucks buttermilk.

10. You are mildly entertaining. Aside from that, why should we follow your shiny new blog? 

Because I’m needy. Pathetically needy and I love you more than your mudder. I shall do my best to please you, whilst pleasing myself. Not pleasuring myself, them’s two different animals so gitcher mind outta da guttah, people. This is a PG establishment (until it ventures into R and X). Not X, but I’m going to swear sometimes, okay? You may want to prepare yourselves for that. . .

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