anybody reads this, i shall shit my pants. . .

Lord have mercy.

This is my first blog. Actually, I started one before, can’t remember where or how or what. The point is moot. I’m nervous as hell. Thank you for visiting.

Are you there?

Christ, what the hell am I doing?

Tell you what I’m doing. I am being a smart and savvy writer. Thinking ahead to the time when my book is gonna get published, right? And my agent will say, “Ms. K, we are getting it out there for you but you, my dear, are going to do your civic duty as well. You shall do everything in your power to promote the piss out of your new book. In your blog, for starters. And you shall do that blog-hop business. And post some nifty links, too, like AgentQuery and and QueryTracker and Miss Snark’s First Victim, Grammar Girl’s still doing her thing. And AbsoluteWrite, amazing. I shall talk about that, presuming I am not speaking into a black hole of nothingness, oh shit. . .

I am new at this but I shall endeavor to do my best. Not sure what that means at this point, nor what it entails. Time will tell, I’m thinking. If you really are there, thank you for visting me and my shiny new blog.


8 thoughts on “anybody reads this, i shall shit my pants. . .

  1. I read it! (You posted your link just as I did mine on the AW thread, so thought I'd come say hi and "welcome to the blogosphere"!)Blogging is fun, and distracting, and frustrating, and awesome, and periodically useful. Good luck. ^_^(Also, you should allow people to comment using their username/url too, some of us aren't on regular blogging-platforms. ^_^)~Lia


  2. Lia!!!Bless your little heart for responding to my very first blog. re: the url stuff. I may as well confess right now, I am a luddite to the nth degree. Setting up this blog was a trip. I see a typo, two "ands". Bugging the crap out of me. I may as well confess right now, I am a perfectionist. Working on that. Anyhoo, back to allowing usernames/urls–I shall try to figure out how to do that. Again, thank you most kindly, Lia. It'll be interesting to find out how awesome/distracting/fun/frustrating/useful this thing turns out to be. ~kk


  3. krystal jane, too cool! Oh, for anybody who wonders, AW is aye-dub, aka AbsoluteWrite, awesome website for writers of all skill levels, genres . . . novelists, poets, screenwriters. Thank you, krystal and good luck to you, too. ~kk


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